Smart Pills Technology Market

This growth is primarily supplemented by the growing popularity of smart pills in the monitoring f motility disorders. To know more about the report, visit the website at HTTPS:// www. Ultraconservatives. Comџmart-pills-technology-market Smart pill is a technological innovation that has bridged the unsought gap between healthcare and digital technology. The advent of novel smart pill technologies has revolutionized gastrointestinal (GIG) monitoring and diagnosis techniques.

Non-invasiveness, patient convenience and real time monitoring offered by smart pills boost their adoption in the treatment of numerous diseases. The growth of global smart pills technology racket Is supplemented by the growing adoption of capsule endoscope, spurring demand for smart pills in GIG monitoring and the rising prevalence of gastrointestinal diseases.

However, factors such as high costs, limited technical know-how and low acceptance among patients (fear of Ingesting electronic devices) are likely to restrain the growth of the market. Gastrointestinal diagnosis accounted for the highest revenue with about 84% of market share. The growth of this segment is primarily supplemented by the increasing incidences of obscure gastrointestinal bleeding and mall bowel tumors, popularity of capsule endoscope techniques and the availability of varied capsule endoscope products.

Key flying of the study capsule endoscope accounted for the highest revenue In 2014 GIG monitoring application segment is expected to register fastest growth forecast period, fastest among all segments North America and Europe collectively accounted for the largest market share of 83% In the overall smart pills technology market, In 2014 North America accounted for about 15th of the market revenue In 2014, highest amongst all.

The growth in this region is primarily attributed to the early adoption of novel technologies, a large patient population, high disposable incomes and the frequent centralization of smart pill products. The leading players In the market are adopting calculation and collaborations as key developmental strategies. The leading companies profiled in this report are – Given Imaging Inc. , Olympus Corporation, Metronomic Inc. , Supervision Inc. Cocooning Shania Science & Technology Group Co. Ltd. , Protests Digital Health Inc. , Mediumistic. Similar Market Studies Published by Allied Market Research – World Capsule Endoscope System Market – The capsule endoscope system has emerged as an effective management and diagnosis technique for GIG diseases such as Crown’s disease, collaborate cancer, obscure gastrointestinal bleeding, polyps syndromes and small bowel tumors.

The global capsule endoscope market was $178. 8 million In 2014 and is expected to grow at a CARR of 14. 8% during the forecast period. To know more about the world capsule endoscope system market, visit the website at HTTPS 1 OFF Feeding Devices Market – Home internal feeding devices market segment would exhibit the highest growth during the forecast period owing to emergence of ambulatory and portable internal feeding devices and reduced overall cost of home internal care.

Based on the age group of patients, pediatric internal feeding devices market is expected to witness the highest growth due to high prevalence of malnutrition among children and development of convenient equipment designs for children.

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