skin lesions

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a lesion is any pathological change in structure or function
a flat usually erythematous (red) skin lesion is called macule
a raised skin lesion < 1 cm is called papule
< less than
a raised skin lesion > 1 cm is called nodule
> greater than
a papule filled with pus is called pustule
a patchy, erythematous, edematous, and often pruritic skin rash usually caused by an allergic reaction is called urticaria
urticaria hives
raised urticaria are called welts
welts aka wheals
inflammatory papular and pustular eruptions caused by clogging of sebaceous glands is called AV: acne vulgaris
AV: acne vulgaris aka pimples or zits
a raised skin lesion filled with a clear liquid is called vesicle
vesicle blister
a vesicle > than 1 cm is called bulla
a vesicle < than 1 cm is called bleb
vesicular and pustular skin lesions caused by staphlococci or streptococci (especially in infants/children) is called impetigo
papular and filled with pus pustular
white/black heads are called comedo(nes)
infection of a hair follicle and adjacent tissue is called a furuncle
furuncle aka boil
a group of furuncles is called carbuncle
a furuncle is an infection of a hair follicle and adjacent tissue
a collection of pus is called abscess
a thickening or lump is called cyst
superficial mechanical skin damage is called abrasion
abrasion aka scrape
superficial chemical skin damage is called excoriation
an example of excoriation is diaper dermatitis
diaper dermatitis diaper rash
tissue that is cut, torn, or ripped is called laceration
ripping tissue from the body is called avulsion
erosion of tissue is called ulcer
a skin ulcer caused by immobility allowing prolonged pressure from body weight is called DU: decubitus ulcer
DU: decubitus ulcer aka pressure ulcer or bedsore
DU commonly occur over bony projections called bony prominences
bony prominences aka pressure points
bony prominences are located where a bone is directly below the skin
Bony prominences include the : 1. tailbone2. elbow3. shoulder bone/blade4. heel bone5. pelvic bones6. cranical bone7. knee cap
tailbone coccyx
elbow(s) olecranon(s)
shoulder bone/blade scapula(e)
heel bone(s) calcaneus(i)
pelvic bone(s) ilium (ilia)ischium (ischia) pubis (pubes)
cranial bone occipital bone
kneecap(s) patella(e)
a black + blue mark caused by bleeding under the skin is called ecchymosis
ecchymosis aka hematoma contusionbruise
pinpoint skin hemorrhage are called petechia(e)
a combination of ecchymosis and petechiae is called purpura
new fibrous connective tissue deposited to close a wound is called cicatrix (cicatrices)
cicatrix (cicatrices) aka a scar(s)
a hypertrophied scar is called keloid
keloids are assoc. with surgery & 3rd degree burns
tissue swelling caused by an accumulation of fluid is called edema (edmatous)
excessive swelling allowing pitting after light palpation is called pitting edema
necrotic tissue caused by a burn is called eschar(otic)
nevus (nevi) means mole(s) or birthmark(s)
neoplasm (neoplasia) new growth or tumor
neoplasm (neoplasia) are commonly assoc. with CA: cancer
a life threatening black metastatic neoplasm assoc. with exposure to UV radiation from the sun/tanning beds is called MM: malignant melanoma
a raised skin lesion caused by a HPV is called a verruca(e)
verruca(e) wart(s)
HPV human papillomavirus
skin disease caused by fungal proliferation is called mycosis
mycosis aka tinea or ringworm
proliferation rapid reproduction / infection
a crack in the skin is called fissure
fissures can be caused by tinea pedis aka foot ringworm or athlete's foot
diseases caused by the immune system attacking itself are called autoimmune diseases
an autoimmune disease causing erythematous skin lesion with white or silvery flaky scales is called psoriasis
dry skin xeroderma
dry scaly skin iscthyosis
a dry rough protective crust that forms over an open wound is called crustation(s)
crustation(s) scab(s)
putrefaction caused by tissue necrosis and microbial proliferation is called gangrene
gangrene aka decomposition
putrefaction aka rot

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