Skin Cancer

Most common cancer in U.S.
skin cancer
Most common cause of skin cancer
sun exposure
Most common type of skin cancer
Basal cell carcinoma
Basal cell carcinoma most frequently occurs on
Basal cell carcinoma appears as
small, waxy nodule with pearly borders
As a basal cell carcinoma grows, the lesion may have
central ulceration & crusting
Squamous cell carcinoma appears as
rough, thickened scaly tumor
Basal cell carcinoma prognosis
good because they are usually localized
Primary goal of tx for squamous cell carcinoma
surgical excision
Most accurate procedure for tumor excision
Mohs’ microscopic surgery because it conserves normal tissue
In order to prevent skin cancer, sunscreen should be applied
30 minutes before sun exposure & reapplied q4h if the skin perspires
Most lethal skin cancer
malignant melanoma
Basal cell carcinoma rarely
metastasizes, but recurrence is common
Neglected basal cell carcinoma lesions can result in
loss of nose, ear, or lip
Other variants of BCC may appear as
shiny, flat, grey or yellowish plaques
Cancer that affects middle-age adults
superficial spreading malignant melanoma
Malignant melanoma appears as
circular, elevated blue-black lesion
Deeper malignant melanoma tx
wide resection after which skin grafting may be needed
ABCD’s of mole assessment
-irregular border
-variegated color
Malignant melanoma tx goals
-relief of discomfort
-reduce anxiety
-increase knowledge of cancer s/s
-prevent complications
Occurs more often in Mediterranean population
Classic Kaposi’s sarcoma
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