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I.Just think, if you were a woman you would only make seventy five cents an hour when men would make one dollar. This is one of the conflicts that Thomas more fixed or changed for the benefit of all people. Thomas More did many things in his life he wrote a book called Utopia which was about a perfect world where everybody was treated equal, he was a law student, priest, and eventually he was named a saint.

II.Thomas More was born in London in 1477. His parents were Sir John More, a great lawyer and later judge, and his mother was Agnes Giraunger. He later married Jane Colte in 1504, it was a happy marriage, and they had four children Margaret, Elizabeth, Cecilia, and John; before Janes death in 1511.
III.He was a very educated man. He entered Parliament in 1504, one of his first acts in public life was to speak against one of Henry VII,s financial policies. As a result his father was imprisoned but released after a hefty fine was paid and Thomas retired from public life. Thomas went to school at St. Anthony’s School at Threadneedle St, and entered as a law student at Oxford University. When he was young he was sent to the household of Cardinal Morton, where he learned the blend of political and religious life.
IV.He was a very bright student, enthusiastic about learning but also accustomed to basic pleasures. He loved to play on his flute and violin. Like Most college students More was short of cash so sometimes he would even perform for a crowd of people just to make a little cash. He also loved having pets around the house it is said that his home was a veritable zoo.
V.Sir Thomas More had many careers, he was an author, a statesman, a scholar, and a priest. He served as lord chancellor, the highest judicial official in England, from 1529 to 1532. He began his legal career in 1494, and became an undersheriff of London in 1510. by 1518 he had entered the service of King Henry VIII as royal councilor and ambassador. He was knighted and made undertreasurer in 1521, and was chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster from 1525 to 1529. in April 1534, more was imprisioned for effusing to swear the oath of Supremacy, the preamble to a law called the Act of Succession. The oath stated that Henry VIII ranked above all foreign rulers, including th pope. More was convicted of high treason on false evidence and was beheaded. But he resigned because he opposed King Henry VIII’s plan to annul his marriage to the queen. More was beheaded in 1535 for refusing to accept the king as head of the English Church. The Roman Catholic Church Declared him Saint in 1935.

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