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IV- Research Plan

A. Materials
1. Cacao Leaves
2. Eucalyptus Oil
3. Garlic
4. Olive Oil
B. Method
1. Boil the Cacao leaves.
2. Oppress the garlic utilizing howitzer and pestle so purify it subsequently. 3. Blend the poached chocolate tree foliages. the distilled Allium sativum. the eucalyptus oil and the olive oil and set it in a spray bottle. There you have it. you’re all-natural. environment-friendly insect repellant.

V- Introduction

A. Background of the Study

Surveies have shown that chemical pesticides linger in the ambiance. the land and in our waterways long after they have ceased to be used in a given country. Almost 100 old ages of chemicals placed on Fieldss across the universe all add up to quite a spot of lingering pollution! In add-on to assisting better the environment and diminishing the opportunities of accelerated disease in your household. traveling organic can supply mental and physical benefits and long-run money-savings. We can do an all-natural insect repellant which is low-cost and environment friendly. Through research we found out that there are different sorts of natural repellants and this experiment was the 1 we chose because of its benefits.

B. Statement of the Project/Objectives
•General Objective

As a human being who needs O for take a breathing in order to populate. we would wish to assist diminish air pollution in the milieus. •Specific Aim
Insects found in our houses viz. cockroaches. spiders and emmets are a large nuisance and perturbation to our human lives. Having an all-natural insect repellant may assist to acquire rid of them. •Significance of the Study

We did non merely assist ourselves but we can besides assist others and most particularly we can assist salvage Mother Earth.

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