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Maria and Mackey Mantle have exactly different personalities, Roger Maria was born in September 10, 1934 in Hibbing’s, Minnesota he was a humble guy that didn’t ask for much. But on the other hand Mackey Mantle didn’t even live In a house or apartment before he met Roger, he stayed In the Plaza hotel which was converted Into another hotel. Mackey Mantle I’d say In a lot Like Johnny Manage, and Roger Marls was a lot Like Larry Bird because Larry was from the country side as well as Roger.

No I feel like Roger Marls Just gave them a hard time because he had a lot on his plate at the time. The press Is a lot different now than back then, back then I feel Like they had a lot more available ways to talk to the players. If rite now players were drinking beer In the locker room and smoking cigarettes they would have on the front cover this person is an alcoholic or this person Is addicted to cigarettes. I would say to Maria just give the fans what they want just don’t give them a hard time about anything and just go with it.

So you don’t get a chair thrown at in during a game. In 1961 1 would have Mackey Mantle to promote my product because everyone in New York loved him. People never Booed Mantle when he arrived to the plate or outfield. The difference I see in baseball from back then to now Is back then people drank beer and smoked cigarettes in the locker room and that is crazy to me but they allowed it. Now the only thing they do in the locker room is professional stuff. The fan violence I think calmed down since back then because people now would get sued if they threw a chair onto the field.

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