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Short PaperBy Gina BiondoIND 201: Self-Designed Degree Program PlanningSouthern New Hampshire UniversityInstructor: David FerreiraStarting at a young age, children are encouraged by their parents to do well in school, and go to college in order to become an educated person. It is the catalyst that will allow a person to obtain better career opportunities and achieve personal growth.

However, this acquired knowledge is not the only key to success or a better future. What is most critical is obtaining the education that will enable someone to put their talents to use and utilize their knowledge in order to reach their maximum potential. Being well rounded is a notable characteristic of good education and enables a person to learn values and the skillset that can support the knowledge they attained.Upon review of the module readings, I was amazed at how education has changed so much over the years.

It was surprising to learn that the liberal arts teachings are not as prominent as teachings of the practical arts. I was disappointed to learn that Liberal Arts Colleges are drifting into other areas of teachings and away from their original purpose of teaching Liberal Arts. Over the years, when searching for a new position, I have come to learn that Baccalaureate Degree’s that major in Liberal Arts are now widely considered by current or prospective employers to be much less valuable than bachelor degree’s that major in areas such as Accounting, Finance, or Marketing. This is quite disappointing as my areas of expertise are in the creative fields of art, design, culture, and humanities.

My passion lies in interior design, colors, and artwork. I find learning about the history of a certain piece of art or the background of how the Barcelona chair was designed is fascinating! These are the types of courses where I would excel and that interest me the most.Coursework in the practical arts are on the rise and with good reason….

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