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How did glaciers affect the landscape of Europe?
Glaciers made rivers, lakes, and mountains
Why are the Rhine and Danube Rivers considered to be the most important rivers in Europe?
Many cities line their banks and barges carry good along their courses and a major transportation route
What are Europe’s three major climate types?
-Marine west coast
-Humid continental
Identify Europe’s four major biomes.
-Temperate Forest
-Mediterranean scrub forest
-Boreal forest
In which major landform region are Europe’s best farming soils found?
Northern European Plain
Why is Europe ideally suited for trade by sea?
Coast line, Navigable rivers, tons of water
Why are many Europeans concerned about the use of nuclear power?
Concerned about long term safety
What are the major landforms within Central Uplands?
Massif Central, Jura mountains, and Bohemian Highlands
What forces shaped the Alpine mountain system?
Tectonic processes: The African plate pushes the European plate
What are the characteristics of Europe’s marine west coast climate?
-Temperature mild
-Cloudy and rainy
-Rainfall averages between 20 and 80 inches a year
-Found throughout most of northern & western Europe
Why does Europe enjoy mild climates, given its high latitude?
The North Atlantic Drift moderates the temp.
What trees and animals are typically found in the temperate forest biome?
Trees: ash, beech, maple, and oak
Animals: badgers, deer, and a variety of birds
Name two river valleys that are major farming centers.
Italys Po Valley& Spains Guadalavivr River Valley
What has been the result of the charges from coal to oilmand natural gas as a major energy resource?
Europe became dependent on the oil
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