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1. ) Ann Lamott is a author that struggles merely like anybody else and whose life is non perfect by any agencies. She tells us how cipher can sit down and compose a perfect first bill of exchange and it is all right to compose a shitty foremost bill of exchange. They give us ways to sit down and merely compose the first bill of exchange and maintain authorship boulder clay you run out of idea. she so tells us to do alterations to the first bill of exchange with a ruddy pen so type your 2nd bill of exchange. last but non least do more corrections the your 2nd bill of exchange and merely compose away on your 3rd and concluding bill of exchange. She told us about the voices and all the ideas that were in her caput rectifying her paper and how the hypnotizer told her to merely acquire rid of them by seting them in a Mason jar and merely compose. 2. ) Lamott’s audience is anybody who is seeking to compose a paper. The intent of this is to assist these people overcome their fright and jitteriness of non being able to finish the paper. 3. ) Lamott uses these composing schemes:

A. ) Personal experiences
* Uses the quotation mark her male parent used for her brother “bird by bird”
* Looking at image to actuate her to compose
* How she overcame the voices that were in her caput
B. ) Reflections on composing
* Just sitting down and composing Shitty foremost bill of exchange
* Correcting foremost bill of exchange
* Not listening to others
C. ) Inclusive authorship manner
* Made a connexion non easy to compose
* Doesn’t like authors who it’s easy for
* Negotiations about how it is all right to neglect the first bill of exchange because cipher will read it or the 2nd one but they will read the concluding
D. ) Visual Design
* Image of the people as rats in the Mason jar
* Image of the nutrient she is composing about
* Focus on non being hone the first clip

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