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There were several different cardinal determination points used by SG Cowen in doing engaging determinations on each phase of enrolling procedure. During the informational interview. squad captains assigned to each schools weren’t peculiarly measuring possible campaigner. However. it did served two intents: -To gage some campaigners are more serious and enthusiastic than others -To give campaigners opportunity to larn more about the house and industry before the interview that they will be evaluated. During on-campus unit of ammunitions. enrolling bankers truly started measuring different facets of the campaigners: -Team captains looked for campaigners who are more eager.

-Used younger freshman bankers to measure the basic accomplishments of the campaigners. -Tested for cultural tantrum in the company. Test cultural tantrum could be something every bit simple as inquiring about how comfy one is about resettlement. Super Saturday is when the interviewers looked for more cardinal determination points. These includes: -Is the campaigner attracted to SG Cowen and want to work here? -Is the campaigner who love engineering and emerging growing of the house? -Do the campaigner like working in the industry? Even if they are good at investing banking. it was really of import that they are willing to work in the industry passionately. -Is the campaigner a self-starter?

-Is the campaigner versatile adequate to suit into the civilization of SG Cowen? I would measure overall enlisting procedure as effectual. And there were many positive facets to their hiring procedure. -Each interviewers were responsible for their candidate’s quality. If had the interviewer brought to Super Saturday a lower quality campaigner. it would’ve reflected severely on their ability and image. Therefore. each interviewers were per se motivated to happen the best campaigner possible to convey to Super Saturday. -The procedure of enlisting is really standardised. It is designed to choose high quality campaigners. and interviewers have reasonably good thought about what sort of traits they should be looking for in interviewees.

However. there were besides some countries that could utilize betterments. -Team captains and interviewers are banking specializers and are non human resource direction specializers. This could set excessively much weight on candidate’s accomplishments and cognition instead than their cultural tantrum in the corporate construction. -At the terminal of the enlisting procedure. the group determination doing seems to be inefficient. In the state of affairs of the instance. where every interviewers are rubing to travel place. there might be force per unit area for conformance. Furthermore. because each interviewers have different campaigners they supported from the earlier recruitment procedure. they might hold prejudices on their campaigners. which could forestall them from looking at the whole pool. Presently 6 standards are used to do the hiring determinations: committedness to house. judgment/maturity. interpersonal accomplishments. leading. proficient accomplishments. and work ethic. Looking at all these standards would decidedly assist SG Cowen to take the best campaigner but there is besides issue with this standards.

It is hard to count on each standards. How much leading accomplishment would be considered 6 and how good of work moral principle could be considered 4? Due to difficulty in counting interviewee’s personal traits. interviewers could subjectively make up one’s mind on figure that may be biased. Furthermore. certain interviewers could happen one standard more of import than others. so. for illustration. an interviewer could take a campaigner with really good proficient accomplishments over a campaigner with really good work ethic. There might be excessively much room for prejudices in these standards.

If I were to choose two campaigners. I would take Natalya and Sanchez. I would take Natalya Godlewska because. -She has first-class proficient accomplishments and work moralss. Her analytics accomplishments and experiences in M & A ; A mold package shows her strength in proficient accomplishments and her GPA from Cornell shows she has developed forms of successes that SG Cowen is looking for and shows that she has first-class work moralss. Furthermore. she had been a alumnus instruction helper at Cornell. which shows she has experiences in leading places as good. -Only downside of Natalya is her possible deficiency of interpersonal accomplishments. because her English may non be perfect. However. as some bankers thought. “most of clients think Wall Street types speak excessively fast anyhow. ” she should be all right. I besides chose Andy Sanchez because.

-He is a self-starter. He has really strong entrepreneurial spirit. which would help him in the industry. and he is really enthusiastic and personable. which would besides do him perfect cultural tantrum. He had already connect with some of alumnas from USC to speak to him about their experiences. and seems to be larning more investing banking and committed. -The biggest concern with Sanchez is his low GPA. which makes us doubt his work moralss and proficient accomplishment degree. However. he had been an enterpriser since he was undergraduate and his business’s success shows that he had invested much clip into his venture. His success narrative speaks for his ability itself.

I would non take Martin Street because.
-Mostly because he has high possibility of non choosing SG Cowen. Despite his leading ability and other capablenesss. if he chose other house over SG Cowen. it would be dearly-won for SG Cowen. He doesn’t look to be loyal. and he besides doesn’t have much concern experience. which makes him less attractive campaigner I would non take Ken Goldstein because.

-Because he wouldn’t be a good cultural tantrum in the company. He had been his ain foreman for a long clip and bankers aren’t certain if he would be a good subsidiary. Furthermore. he is already married and has childs. which would do him less likely to work many hours like most investing bankers will hold to. His involuntariness to work could interrupt other bankers who would be working 24/7. doing him a bad cultural tantrum.

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