Sexual Harassment Faced By Female Nurses Sociology Essay Essay

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Harmonizing to OLeary-Kelly et Al ( 2009 ) Sexual torment has been defined from behavioural and sex based position. Sexual torment is “ unwanted sex-related behaviour at work that is appraised by the receiver as violative, transcending her resources, or endangering her wellbeing ” ( p. 505-506 ) .

Harassment of working adult females is non a new phenomenon. Nursing is a profession where 95 per cent of ‘nurses around the universe are adult females ‘ ( Bryant, 2003, p. 138 ) .

Since torment of adult females at workplace is a universe broad phenomenon. In mundane life we see that adult females are teased, stalked, abused, assaulted, and even raped. This is the expletive of sexual torment. As mentioned above that sexual torment at work topographic point is non a new phenomenon and it has different types but this societal issue is exist and impact the public presentation of Nurses at their responsibility clip so I would wish to analyze what are the different manners of sexual torment female nurses face at infirmaries? and what are the causes of sexual torment female nurses face at infirmaries? . So this survey will convey out the causes of sexual torment, faced by female nurses at infirmaries.

After this survey I will happen out grounds behind this torment, as if it is male domination, conservative head of work forces, or the hapless socio-economic conditions of adult females and besides this survey will besides indicate out the effects of sexual torment on female nurses. The chief intent of this survey is to happen out the causes of sexual torment, female nurses face at infirmaries. This survey will besides assist us to cognize about its psychological effects on nurses, every bit good as its effects on nursing profession and wellness services.

Method of Data Collection:

Qualitative method of Data Collection will be used for informations aggregation as qualitative research is multi method in focal point, affecting an interpretative, realistic attack to its capable affair ( Creswell, 1998, P.15 ) and frequently resort to the linguistic communication of quantification in their work ( May, 2001, p. 151 ) .


Interviewing normally used in the societal scientific disciplines that it is rather frequently considered to be the best method of societal research. For carry oning this research the Unstructured Intensive Interviews/In Depth Interviews ( IDIs ) will be used to roll up informations from the respondents. It provides qualitative dept by leting interviewees to speak about the topic within their ain frames of mention ( May, 2001, p. 124 ) .

This research will be done under Feminist Research Methodology. Feminist research started as a cardinal review of societal scientific discipline and research in general to concentrate on the ignorance of adult females ‘s life state of affairs and of male laterality ( Flick, 2006, p. 76 ) . Two Sampling techniques will be used to choose respondents from the existence. Two samples will be taken from the existence through Purposive Sampling Technique, whereby a choice of those to be surveyed is made harmonizing to a known feature ( May, 2001, p. 124 ) . These are:

Chief Nursing Superintendent ( CNS ) . 2. Nursing Superintendent ( NS ) .

Beside this to avoid prejudice in choice of respondents Stratified Random Sampling Technique whereby stratification harmonizing to features ( May, 2001, p. 124 ) , will be used to choose 30 samples/respondents form the existence. Respondents will be divided into two strata/groups, i.e. Female Charge Nurses. 2. Female Student Nurse.

To take the figure of respondents from each strata/group ( i.e. charge nurses and pupil nurses ) Proportional Allocation Technique will be used. That is:

N1/Ni x ni =n1 and N2/Ni x ni =n2

An advantage of this method is that it is does non required a tonss of energy and it is save clip, farther in Interview the respondent does non cognize what will be the following inquiry and besides answer in there ain word. One of the advantage of utilizing this method is, that is attracts more respondents.

The restriction of this method is besides many, like it dearly-won comparison to questionnaire. Many people prefer to compose and make non desire to give reply verbally so here is a opportunity of acquiring dependable informations.

Discourse analysis

Phillips and Hardy ( 2002 ) illustrates that discourse analysis is non merely a method ; it represents a methodological analysis that embodies a “ strong ” societal constructivist position of societal universe ( p. 5 ) . Qualitative attacks frequently assume a societal universe and so seek to understand the significance of this universe for participants. Discourse analysis, on the other manus, attempts to research how the socially produced thoughts and objects that populate the universe were created in the first topographic point and how they are maintained and held in topographic point over clip. Whereas other qualitative methodological analysiss work to understand or construe societal world as it exists ; discourse analysis enterprises to bring out the manner in which it is produced ” . ( Phillips and Hardy, 2002, p. 5 ) , at the same clip, boundaries between discourse analyses and qualitative methods are sometimes blurred ( Phillips and Hardy, 2002, p. 10 ) .

Using discourse analysis for analyzing such societal job as sexual torment, I would to concentrate on how sexual torment is presented in discourse in Pakistan, which information is non hide and which is concealed sing sexual torment, besides the mention should be made to “ the societal context in which the texts are found and the discourses are produced ” ( Phillips and Hardy, 2002, p. 5 ) . As informations for the methodological attack I would utilize articles in newspapers and magazines, plans and commercials on Television and wireless, in the World Wide Web content of Internet-sites of International organisations which deal with Woking labor like, ILO in Pakistan and National organisation like Awrat Foundation, advertizements and documental films. Exploitation of the broad choice of stuffs is driven by strong belief that there are general characteristics of the fact building ; by projecting the information widely the general forms are more likely to be found along with restriction of their generalization ( Potter, 1996, p. 8 ) .

The advantage of utilizing discourse analysis is that the theoretical background of discourse analysis is societal constructionism and research inquiries focus on how doing societal world can be studied in discourses ( Flick, 2006, p. 326 ) , in my instance, on how sexual torment is presented in public discourse. Phillips and Hardy ( 2002 ) surveies that “ It is a powerful method for analyzing societal phenomenon because of connexion between discourses and societal world that they constitute ” ( p. 5 ) .

Phillips and Hardy ( 2002 ) claims that “ The restrictions of discourse analysis is, that it is rather new in societal scientific disciplines and non mastered yet ” ( p. 16 ) , and methodological suggestions on how to transport out discourse analysis remain instead imprecise and implicit in most of the literature ( Flick, 2006, p. 326 ) . Phillips and Hardly ( 2002 ) giving grounds why non to utilize discourse analysis, reference that as it is non institutionalized its ratings are hard ( p. 16 ) .


Exploitation of every method has its advantages and restrictions but the methodological analysis of these two methods in one research can assist to garner assorted informations about the subject investigated and edify the Issue from different angles perplexing one complete image and look intoing informations gathered from every method. In the paper two different methods questioning and discourse analysis were used and studied to happen out the research inquiries i.e. is to analyse the causes of sexual torment, female nurses face at infirmaries and besides assist us to cognize about its psychological effects on nurses, every bit good as its effects on nursing profession and wellness services.

The purpose of utilizing these two methods is obtaining trusty informations based on internal and external cogency, dependability and objectiveness. Furthermore, in order non to lose the find of existent “ new ” or “ true ” information, the research worker should non be blind to the constructions in the field or a individual under survey ( Flick, 2006, p. 99 ) , and more of import to vouch the survey is representative in its informations and consequences.

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