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Recently announced their participation in a great cause, to help out terminally Ill patients at SST. Like’s Hospice achieve the best quality of life during the final stages of their Illness. Management at Powerlessly has set up a Fund Ralston page on Justifying. Com. The company reports that they look forward to the challenge of making the trek up to the top of Mat. Kilimanjaro for such a worthy cause. The embroidery process created a whole new dimension for garments.

The craft of sewing by hand has been replaced by the use of computer aided embroidery machines. The finished product Is only as good as the digitized design that was uploaded. Most companies cannot afford the additional expense of the best digitizing equipment and the highly trained personnel needed to operate such equipment. This is why it makes so much sense to outsource to a firm like Prosthetics. Com. Attention to detail is what separates a good digitized from the rest.

In order to be a DOD, or excellent embroidery digitized requires exceptional attention to detail and knowing what can be taken out or left In a design based on the size of the finished embroidery. The best digitizes are able to sit down in front of almost any design and in his/her mind see the design running on the sewing machine. Once this level of expertise is achieved, it is a simple task to make any sewing machine perform at the highest level. Powerlessly. Com specializes In Embroidery Detailing, and has done so for more than 8 years.

If a design is not properly digitized, the sew-out quality will never be good, using a seasoned digitizing service will ensure the highest quality end product. Instead of using resources for the digitizing aspect of the work, it should be outsourced, leaving the firm’s resources for better use, such as marketing and expanding the operation. Saving a few thousand dollars a month on equipment leases and staff makes a lot of sense. The peace-of-mind achieved In outsourcing a critical part of the business process Is worth its weight in gold.

The Prosthetics Design Studio has earned a reputation of being a highly reliable, immensely skilled, quality conscious and competitive service provider in the International market. They have digitizes working seven days a week offering highly competitive pricing, 24-hour turnaround, quick quotations and an online order system.

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