Seven Wonders

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As the 21st century enters, there has been a lot of beautiful place that is built by certain artistic and very intelligent people which can be considered as part of the wonders of the world. When you tried to look at those places, even in the picture, you’ll really be amazed about the whole structure of a particular place which is unbelievable to imagine how this is done. I find different spectacular man-made constructions and natural creations of the world which I considered to be the “seven wonders of the world.

First up, is the “The Golden Gate Bridge” in which you can see a very beautiful view each hour of the day. Its color is reddish which can easily be distinguished when the weather is foggy. It is more likely a suspension bridge from the Golden Gate, then to the opening of San Francisco Bay down all the way to the Pacific Ocean. In fact, this bridge is the second longest suspension bridge in the United States and this has become an international repute symbol that represents San Francisco as well as the United States. Next is the “The CN Tower” or the Canadian National Tower which is located in Toronto,

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The tower stands 553. 33 m tall which made it the world’s tallest free-standing structure on earth. You might think who build this tower which is also now associated with the World Federation of Great Tower. It is actually built by the railway company who decided to dissociate from the non-cargo possessions in order to privatize the company. The third one is the well- known Empire State Building which is a 102 storied art deco skyscraper which is mainly found in New York City. The building name is inspired by the epithet designed to the state of New York.

The Empire state building is now the tallest building in New York City which now regains the position after the devastation of the North Tower of the World Trade Center. This building is owned by Harold Helmsley’s company and it is administered by the Helmsley-Spear’s management. “Itaipu” is also one of the modern wonders of the world. It is basically a hydroelectric dam located on the Parana River situated on the boundary of Brazil and Paraguay. Its name is derived from a nearby isle at the site of the construction which also means “the sound of a stone” on the Guarani language.

In fact, Philip Glass admires the structure which made him compose a symphonic cantata. This dam is being managed by the Itaipu Binacional Corporation which is the largest operational hydroelectric power plant in the world. On the fourth place is “The Delta Works” is built in the southwest of the Netherlands, which is considered as one of the most extensive engineering project because it has over 10,250 miles of dikes, 1,500 miles designated as primary dikes, 8,750 miles secondary dikes plus 300 more structures.

The Delta Works project is the world’s largest flood protection project acknowledged by the Dutch government. The main intention of delta works is to foreshorten the Dutch coastline in order to minimize the number of dikes the needs to be intensified. I chose Panama Canal as one of my seven wonders because I found out that it is one of the most difficult as well as the largest engineering projects that have ever been made. It is merely because this construction is done to join the Pacific Ocean to the Atlantic Ocean.

The construction of this Canal makes way for an easier route for the traders because before this is made, they have to travel a longer path. A lot of conflicts happened before this canal is opened and several lives were put at stake. However, this has been a very spectacular place to see and you can never imagine that only man made this. The last one is the “Channel Tunnel” which is a 50. 5-km stretch undersea rail tunnel which connects UK and France and is second longest undersea tunnel in the world.

Imagine how they took 11 tunnel boring machines and cutting using a chalk mark in order to build 2 rail tunnels and a service tunnel. It even has its own fleet of service vehicles in which it’s terminals that are well-connected to the British and French motorways. Our world is really amazing, and there are a lot of great structures, constructions in different places that we could say are the best. I think that these places are more amazing in the actual view and it really makes me want to go in these particular places personally and brag about it in the whole world – with which I can say is really wonderful.

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