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Man fears Time. yet Time fears the PyramidsThe Great Pyramid of Giza lies following to Cairo.

It is today in greater Cairo.

Harmonizing to the admirations of the ancient universe. the pyramid of Khufu is the lone pyramid included in the list of the admirations. The other two of the pyramids of Giza are excluded from the list. This is the lone memorial of the seven admirations to last boulder clay today in perfect status and managing mere flights from fires. temblors and other common catastrophes that hold a menace to anything other big artifact bases on Earth. It today is in perfect status despite its loss of tallness and its unperfected saving of outside stone smoothness and quality. It was constructed by the Egyptian Pharaoh: Khufu of the 4th dynasty. It held its intent as his grave. and a few old ages subsequently its intent came into usage. It is the lone surviving ancient admiration.

The Hanging gardens of Babylon was located on the east seashore of the river Euphrates. It is presently located 50 kms South of Baghdad in Iraq.

These hanging gardens were built in the Babylonian imperium at the clip of the neo-Babylonian dynasty and built by the celebrated male monarch Naboplashar’s boy: Nebuchadnezzar II. Its intent was to delight the married woman of Nebuchadnezzar. whom liked mountain. surrounded countries. The lone remains of the gardens were the foundations excavated in more recent archeological undertakings in Iraq. However the gardens were accurately reconstructed with many positive and negative statements about the unreal construction. The Hanging Gardens of Babylon were really good renowned for it’s system of H2O fountains. pipes and irrigation constructions. which take attention of the garden go forthing the grass for good green and the trees and shrubs on a regular basis watered.

The statue of Zeus at Olympia was located in the ancient town of Olympia. on the modern map ; the memorial is located on the west seashore of Greece. about 150 km West of Athens.

The building of the statue was completed in 450 BC. It was built in award of the God Zeus. As the importance of the ancient Olympic Games in Greece became more demanding. of import. and cultural. the Greeks needed a temple that was new. big. one worthy of the male monarch of the Gods. Therefore they built the statue of Zeus. It was made a admiration of the ancient universe due to its brilliant interior statue. It is good renowned for the statues sandals and robes which were made of gold and the temple’s Doric styled design. As the old ages passed. several natural catastrophes such as temblors. landslides and inundations did huge harm to the construction. Subsequently on. the interior statue of Zeus was transported to Constantinople. There it suffered from a fire and today the lone remains of this temple are stones and dust.

The Ancient temple of Artemis is located in the ancient metropolis of Ephesus near the modern metropolis of Selcuk 50kms South of Izmir in Turkey. It was built in honor of the deities of runing. wild nature and birthrate: the goddess Artemis. The construction was believed to be the most beautiful construction on Earth and was built around 550BC. The temple was both a market topographic point and a spiritual establishment. It was a temple built of the greatest marble and consisted of bronze statues of the goddesses.

The temple was subsequently on burned to the land by Herostratus who wanted to commemorate his name under the name of history and being and he was really successful. Then a jurisprudence had been created that whoever spoke of him shall be executed. It was a happenstance that Alexander the great was born on the same dark of devastation of the temple. and the goddess Artemis was excessively busy taking attention of the birth of Alexander to salvage her temple. Though the temple was rebuilt and now named temple E. the temple which was really the admiration is now nil but foundations and stone.

The mausoleum at Halicarnassus is located in the metropolis of Bodrum ( Halicarnassus ) on the Aegean Sea in south west Turkey. It was built as a grave for the male monarch of the imperium Caria. It was good renowned for its utmost beauty and the finest marble of which it was built with. it is besides known for its beautiful interior statues. Subsequently on in the early 16 century. the construction faced an terminal. The knights of st John built a monolithic crusading palace and decided to strengthen it. Therefore they used the mausoleum to provide their stuff. They displaced every block from the mausoleum to construct their walls. By 1522. the mausoleums foundations were besides uncomplete. it had been cleared.

The Colossus of Rhodes was located at entryway of a seaport in the Mediterranean island of Rhodes at Greece. In 304BC. after the people of Rhodes came to a peace understanding with the Antigonids. they collected their left over arms from outside their district where the Antigonids have been seeking to siege Rhodes in order to interrupt their confederation with Ptolemy I from Egypt. They sold the arms and collected the money and built the statue in symbol of their freedom. It took 12 old ages to build the construction. and it lived for merely a mere 56 old ages. It was broken by an temblor at its weakest point. its articulatio genuss. Around AD654. it was sold to a Jew. The statue was good known for its astonishing form of it standing on two pieces of land which were joined the major island. Each mini peninsula had a leg on it and the statue raising a torch into the sky. The statue was a deity: the Sun God of Rhodes-Helios.

The Lighthouse of Alexandria was located on the island of beacons presently in Alexandria in Egypt. It was built in award of the savior Gods. It was necessary that they built that beacon because of the unsafe and unsmooth rocked coastline of Alexandria. So they built it to salvage the ships from danger. It was really good renowned for its mirrors which could reflect visible radiation for over 50 stat mis. It was the lone admiration of the seven admirations of the ancient universe that had a intent that would function several people with an extra intent other than faith. It was the most of import of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient universe.

The list of the seven admirations of the ancient universe was originally compiled around 200BC. many suggestions. statements and alterations have been made to the list when eventually during the in-between ages the list was recompiled. even though most of the memorials didn’t even co-exist. For the ancient people and workers who built and saw the admirations being built to them was a jubilation of either faith. peace. burial or afterlife ceremonials. freedom or merely the beauty of the construction like the hanging Gardens of Babylon. others had a more of import and frogmans intents such as the Lighthouse of Alexandria which was built in award of the savior Gods and was built to assist the ancient crewmans to a peaceable trip back or to the seaport. Some constructions like the Great Pyramid of Giza were dramatic and complicated constructions with several passageways. corridors. traps and get away shafts to confound tomb plunderers. However. every individual admiration was genuinely dramatic and the ancient universe wouldn’t have been able to back up its monolithic repute without these constructions.


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