Setting Up Neighbours Nightclub In London

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This paper looks at the process of opening up a club under the name Neighbours night club in London. The services to be provided have been highlighted. The current nightclub business has also been discussed in terms of competition, economic performance and the supply chain. The various issues to be researched on have also been discussed and the methods of research to be used have also been addressed. Also discussed is the time frame for the activities to be undertaken and the resources to be used [Business plans]. Service provision The service to be provided by the club is serving of different drinks largely alcoholic.

Also, there will be non alcoholic drinks being served. The club will also serve food at reasonable price. The club will ensure that the customers are treated with dignity and in return the customers will also be expected to act respectfully. Apart from the nightclub being a place of relaxation there will be provision of other services which will be researched on to find the most appropriate. The nightclub will have a design that can enable it to hold parties of different nature like beauty pageants, graduation ceremony parties, day time conferences and workshops, after show parties, show cases and corporate dinners.

The viability of inclusion of these services will further be researched on and the charges to be established. Nightclub business is very competitive with so many laws to be fulfilled before one is allowed to open one. In London there are so many night clubs with their services advertised on the internet. Some of the night clubs are closing down due to stiff competition [evening standard]. Area to be researched on To ensure that the nightclub has been set up after a thorough research has been done the following are the area that will be researched on. This information will be very important in drawing the business plan.

Liquor and nightclubs laws There are laws that govern the sale of alcohol. These include the age of people the alcohol is being sold to. If there is any price control, this will have to be established. The laws give some of the specification on the time that the nightclubs are supposed to operate. This information will be found through reading about the laws that govern the industry. The laws that govern the employment terms of the workers of the nightclubs will also be researched on. The different licenses required for the business and their cost will be researched on.

The areas of legal concern will be: alcohol licensing legislation, Gaming legislation, weight and measures, food safety, work place smoking ban, heath and safety among others [industry sector]. Location of the club The performance of nightclubs has been found to depend on where they are located. A research will be conducted to establish the performance of clubs at different places in London. This should not be a very big area that will be hectic to survey on. The newspapers, internet and inquiry from people will be used as a means of getting the information.

The location will depend on the amount that is available as renting rates of building varies from place to place. The possibility of buying a whole building will be looked into. The cost of refurbishing a building will be researched on and the different designs that are available established. This will be done by consulting various industry players like interior designers and furniture dealers. When choosing the location of the nightclub facilities like parking for the customers should be put into consideration[industry sector]. Security provision

Security is a very crucial component of nightclub. This is because many people tend to become disorderly when drunk. There are some of the people who engage in antisocial behavior like stealing and when detected the service of security men will be required. The code of conduct of the security men should be established in order to ensure that customers are not scared away due to the treatment they receive from the security people. The research on this area can be informal involving visiting some nightclubs and watching over how security provision is done in successful nightclubs.

The research will also establish where to source the security personnel and the number required for the proposed nightclub. Employees of the club The nightclub is expected to have a variety of employees which will include the waiters, the supervisor and the managers. The research will look into the number of the employees required, the number of hours they can work and the academic qualification. The gender issue will also be looked into, to find out if there is any effect of performance of a nightclub depending on whether ladies are serving or men.

The age of the employee will also be an issue which will be researched on, to establish if there are age brackets that will enhance the performance of the nightclub. The terms of employment, whether permanent or temporary is also important and will be researched on. The code of conduct of employees will be established and a policy to deal with the violators of the rules established. The minimum wage of the employees if dictated by the government will be established and compared to those that are being offered by the other nightclubs.

These wages will also be compared with those advertised at the web [London Nightclubs]. The various certificates (health) that the government requires the employees to have in order to sell alcohol will be established (Donald, 2008). Research methods There is a lot of information which need to be researched on. To gather all the required information required in the above areas various methods will have been used in researching. The methods will be used to achieve the objectives of the research.

The methods to be used to collect the required data will include the following-; Discussions This can be done when getting a variety of information for example the number of people employed by a certain nightclub. This may involve choosing a manager of an area which is similar to the area one intends to establish the club (but not the same physical location). The manager can be a friend or a friend to a friend. The manager will give the challenges faced at the work place, the number of workers employed, the seating capacity and the various services offered by the club.

The other way is by asking for the information indirectly by pretending to be interested in the particular service. The management will give the information accurately as one will be treated as a customer. The information can also be gathered by sending people in different nightclubs to spend some time there as any other regular customers. The researchers with time can be engaged in conversation with some of the regular customers and find out what attracts them in the clubs. The customers will also be asked which other nightclubs apart from the current, do they go to and the uniqueness of the clubs.

The same people can start the same conversation with their friends to know which nightclubs they visit and why. The services offered and the price well be noted (Mintzberg, 1994). Making of telephone calls Telephone calls will be used as a way of gathering some research information. This will be used as the first contact with further arrangement to meet the people telephoned or it could be used as the final way of getting the information. The telephone numbers can be gotten through the internet, posters, the radio or television, where the clubs could be advertising their services.

When gathering information about already existing clubs, one can pretend to be interested with the services provided by the nightclubs. Telephone calls can also be used to gather information from government offices. For example one can inquire about the requirement of starting the nightclub business through the phones from the local authority. Observation Another method that will be used to gather information will be observation. This will involve getting people to travel at different areas and observing the presence of nightclubs.

This will help in assessing the possibility of establishing a club at the particular area. The same people can go in different clubs just as any other customers and make observations the way things are done in the clubs. This will also assess the number of people in the club. The security arrangement and the sitting capacity of the clubs will be observed. The price of different items can also be established by reading the menus and by asking for the prices when buying. There are chances that adverts of the events that are to be held in the clubs will be advertised by the DJ or will be on posters placed on the walls.

The design of the club and the cleanness will also be observed. The pattern of how the customers are entering and leaving the clubs will also be observed. The age groups of the people and their gender will be observed. Any occurrence of violence in the clubs and how this is dealt with will also be taken note of (Lengnick-Hall, M. and Lengnick-Hall, 2003). Internet A lot of information will also be sort through the internet. Employees payment can be approximated using the adverts that are placed on the internets about vacancies in hospitality industry (part time bar staff city London).

The other information will also be found through various advertisements, that is, observing the entertainment guide that are found on the internet. This will highlight the different services offered accompanied by the pictures. The internet will also give information about property which is being sold. The internet can also give information on how to establish a nightclub [Night Clubs]. Newspapers and magazines Newspapers and magazines will have the different services offered by nightclubs and events that are being undertaken being advertised.

To do a thorough research using the news papers and the magazines a variety of the papers will have to be researched on. This will mean having a variety of the papers and for each of the papers a number of copies of the same paper published at different dates. This will help in establishing how frequent the nightclubs advertise their services and in which papers do they choose to make their advertisement. This will also not only help in establishing the various services offered by different nightclubs but can also be used to see how advertisement are made and where they are made.

A comparison can also be made on the performance of the nightclubs that make adverts and those that do not. Inquiry can be made on the cost of the adverts by telephoning the numbers on the papers. Also this can be used as a means of digging for more information about the nightclubs by calling the nightclubs using the numbers on the adverts. Timing To ensure good management of time and proper use of resources it is advisable to allocate time to the research activities. Some of the activities will be done by the same people concurrently and this will result in reduction of the time used on researching.

For example a person visiting a club on the research mission can carry a newspaper and as he does the research by observation in a nightclub he can also read the relevant information in the papers concerning the research. However, this should not be done in a way that will affect the efficiency of research, and it will only be encouraged to combine the activities where it comes out naturally. The activities of research will include locating appropriate place in London where the club will be located.

After identifying the place the search will be narrowed down to locating the building to be bought, if any in the area, and the selling price. The next activity will be to look for the interior designer service who will transform the building to the required standard. This is expected to take six weeks. The other activities will involve the establishment of the work force. Under this a variety of issues will be looked into. This will include the number of employees, working hours, the benefits they are entitled to and the preferred age. All the activities under this are expected to take six weeks.

Research on the industry laws will last for three weeks and this is expected to be the fast activity into the research. This research will go on for a week before research on locating the place of the nightclub commences. Security provision detail issues will be researched on for five weeks. This will be embarked on at the same time the research on the employees will start, one week after the research on location of the club commencing. Both the research on employees and location of club is expected to take six weeks. The total time is expected to be at least 8 weeks (two months).

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