Setting Goals

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Hard work, determination, perseverance and passion are among the most important factors that an individual must have in order to achieve his or her goals in life. An individual must have these certain characteristics so that he or she could be able to pursue his or her goals despite the challenges and difficulties that might come along his or her way. In relation to these, this kind of adage is applicable in my own goals in life. The goals that I have are composed of short term and long-term goals that are not only beneficial for myself but also for other people around me.

Nevertheless, I am aware that the way towards the fulfillment of these goals is not easy which is why careful planning is essential for the achievement of these goals (Mind Tools, 2009). The short-term goals that I would pursue are to find a good school for my son and find a better job for myself. My son is the most important person in my life and as such, it is my first goal to be able to give him the good education that he needs. I would look for a good school for my son, which I believe would tremendously help his educational and social development.

Second, in order to pay for the education of my son and to sustain his other needs I need to find a better job. Moreover, having a better job than the one I have now would also help me in sending myself to school. My long-term goals are to have a four-degree in accounting and to go to law school after finishing this degree in accounting. I need to accomplish these long-term goals because these will serve as my foundation in order to achieve the other long-term goals in my life.

Having quality education is very vital in order to succeed in life because this is the foundation that will help me to have the necessary knowledge and skills to become a competent employee and individual. In order to achieve these long-term goals I need to find a reputable school that I would apply in. Afterwards, I need focus and study hard in order to attain an excellent academic record that would give me an edge from other applicants after I finish the degree.

When I already find a stable job, I would save money in order to send myself to law school and pursue a higher level of education and occupation by becoming a lawyer. Technology Plan The advancement of technology that is most observable during this present time has paved the way for many people to use technological gadgets like the computer in accomplishing their everyday tasks. However, there are possible challenges in the use of such kind of gadgets as technical problems might occur. In order to make sure that the deadlines are meet for the tasks at hand it is important to be ready for any possible problems.

My computer should have an external hard disk that would back up all my files if ever there would be problems with the internal memory of my computer. I also need to have an extra battery for my laptop in case of emergency especially when I am working outside. I also have to make sure that I have a wi-fi connection especially if my tasks require researching. Furthermore, I should have a copy of the phone number of the customer service of where I bought my computer and the other gadgets that I have.

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