Setting Goals

My two long term goals are: to become the editor in chief of a well-known fashion magazine such as Cosmopolitan or Vogue and to become a highly successful fashion designer and stylist someday. Although this is a relatively difficult goal, it is not impossible to achieve through hard work and determination. These goals are also in line with my interests as I am highly artistic and fashionable. However, in order to accomplish these two goals, I have to achieve several things first.

First of all, I have to gain experience in fashion designing first. To do so, I intend to take up a courses related to this field and attend seminars and lectures that would educate me in fashion designing and style. I will also research on the history of fashion designing and study how clothing in general has evolved over the past years and what were the most notable fashion trends in each era. At the same time, I will also learn how to write about the field of fashion designing.

I plan to enroll in writing or journalism courses and apply for an entry level position in fashion magazines such as a staff writer or an editorial assistant. From there, I will work my way up the ranks while also gaining exposure by contributing to different publications and joining fashion designing contests and writing contests, among others. In addition, I will also try to learn from different people who are already well-known and highly successful in the field.

I plan to accomplish my long term goals in as little as ten years and my short term goals in three or four years immediately after I obtain my college degree. I will not waste any time by being idle and I will work hard to accomplish all of my goals in within the timeframe that I have set. I strongly believe that through my enthusiasm and my passion to succeed I will become successful in the future.