ServSafe Practice Test

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in a heat-sanitizing dishwashing machine, what is the minimum temperature for the final rinse?(just put the #)
a foodhandler must be excluded from the operation for which symptom?
41 to 135
what is the temperature range for the danger zone?(_ to _, just put the #s)
what is form some bacteria take to keep from dying when they do not have enough food?
most regulations for foodservice operations are at what level?
41 or lower
at what internal temperature should raw meat, poultry, and seafood be stored?
what type of container should be used to transport TCS food from the place of preparation to the place of service?
practice the skill
to learn a new skill, learners must be given the opportunity to__.
close the affected area and clean it
a backup of raw sewage has occured in the kitchen. what should happen next?
minimum internal cooking temperature of food
when using a bottom to top shelving order, what determines the best placement of food in a cooler?
a hose connected to a running faucet that is left submerged in a bucket is an example of a
sliced cantaloupe
an example of TCS food is
a customer having an allergic reaction may show which symptom?
raw or undercooked dishes made for high-risk populations must use eggs that have been__.
the effectiveness of chemical sanitizers is NOT affected by its
state or local regulatory authority
which agency enforces food safety in a foodservice operation?
time-temperature abuse
what can cause histamine to form in tuna?
deny pests food, water, and a nesting or hiding place
what is the second basic rule of an integrated pest management(IPM) program?
deny pests access to the operation
what is the first basic rule of an integrated pest management program?
work with a licensed PCO to eliminate pests that do enter the operation
what is the third basic rule of an integrated pest management(IPM) program?
16 mesh per square inch screening
screen all windows and vents with at least
touching the walls
food stored in a dry-storage area should NOT be
90 days after the container has been emptied or the last shellfish was served from the container
how lons must shellstock tags be kept on file?
24 hours
you should label all ready to eat TCS food that is prepped in house and held longer than
become ill themselves
people who are carriers are able to carry pathogens in their systems and infect others, yet they never
what is the only certain way to prevent backflow?
when hired, and then periodically after that
when should employees receive food safety training?
individuals and small groups
on-the-job training works best for
TCS food must be reheated to what temperature for 15 seconds within 2 hours
show if food has been time-termpature abused during shipment
what do time-temperature indicators do?
at room temperature
what is one way that food should NEVER be thawed?
what is the minimum internal cooking temperature for poultry?
conduct a hazard analysis
what is the first step in developing a HACCP plan?
determine critical control points(CCPs)
what is the second step in developing a HACCP plan?
establish critical limits
what is the third step in developing a HACCP plan?
establish monitoring procedures
what is the fourth step in developing a HACCP plan?
identify corrective actions
what is the fifth step in developing a HACCP plan?
verify that the system works
what is the sixth step in developing a HACCP plan?
establish procedures for record keeping and documentation
what is the seventh step in developing a HACCP plan?
the HACCP system
is used to control risks and hazards throughout the flow of food
cool food from 135 to 70 within 2 hours
the first step in cooling TCS food
cool it from 70 to 41 in the next four hours
the second step in cooling TCS food
bimetallic stemmed thermometer
useful for checking large or thick food
thermocouples and thermistors
good for checking the temperature of thick and thin food
immersion probes
use these to check the temperature of liquids, like soups, sauces, and frying oil
165 for 15 seconds
minimum internal temperature for poultry, stuffing, stuffed meat or seafood or pasta, dishes that include previously cooked, TCS ingredients
155 for 15 seconds
minimum internal temperature for ground meat or seafood, injected meat, and eggs for hot held service
145 for 15 seconds
seafood, steaks, pork chop, and eggs that will be served immediately
145 for 4 minutes
roasts of pork, beef
commercially processed food that will be hot held
fruit, vegetables, grains like rice, and legumes or beans that will be hot held for service
IPM program
the best way to deal with pets is to have an
abrasive cleaner
removes bits of baked cheese from a pot
clean a grill backsplash
remove mineral deposits from a steam table
wash a kitchen wall
clean, rinse, and sanitize
what are the the steps in a three compartment sink
6 inches
store tableware and utensils at least___off the floor.
occupational safety and health administration(OSHA) has requirements for using__
Material Safety Data sheet
OSHA requires chemical manufacturers and suppliers to provide a____ for each hazardous chemical they sell
inform employees of safe use and hazards associated with chemicals used in the operation
what is the purpose of Material Safety Data Sheets
Creating a master cleaning schedule, training your employees to follow it, and monitoring the program to make sure it works
three things to focus on when developing a cleaning program
what type of pathogen is hepatitis A?
person’s intestines
where is the only place a foodborne virus can reproduce?
surface temperature
what is an infrared thermometer used to measure?
gap between what an employee knows and what an employe needs to know
a training need is a
pile of soft materials in a corner
__is a sign of a possible rodent infestation
thrown out immediately
hot TCS food that has been held below 135 for over 4 hours should be
the federal goverment’s recommendations for foodservice sanitation regulations
what is the FDA food code?
keep the foodhandler away from duties that involve food
what should a manager do when a foodhandler reports being diagnosed with shigellosis?
the water vaporizes before items can be sanitized
what happends when the water temperature in a high temperature dishwashing machine is too high?
use a test kit to check the sanitizer’s concentration when mixing it
to make sure that the chemical sanitizer is at the correct strength,__
41 or lower
cold TCS food must be received at what inernal temperature
what is the minimum internal cooking temperature for TCS food cooked in a microwave?
keep it accurate
what is the calibration nut on a bimetallic stemmed thermometer used for?
the date the food should be sold
lables on containers of ready to eat TCS food that was prepped on site must include
cleaned, rinsed, and sanitized
if a food contact surface has been soiled, what three actions must be performed before it can be used again?
every 4 hours
if a food contact surface is in constant use, how often must it be cleaned and sanitized
insert the thermometer of the stem into the thickest part of the product
what is the right way to measure the temperature of fresh meat, poultry, or seafood when it is deliverd
what temperature does the water have to be for washing hands
1 hour
a foodhandler who spends an entire shift deboning chicken should change gloves after
fully describe each menu item to customers who ask, including any secret ingredients
when taking the orders of customers with food allergies, a server should
acids in the food can leach zinc into the food
why should food NOT be stored in a galvanized container
food commonly linked with the bacteria are dented cans, baked potatoes
cooking food in an airtight bag in hot water at 140 degrees for a long period of time
shiga toxin producing e coli
linked with contaminated ground beef and produce
cooking food in the right temperature
can reduce salmonella spp. in poultry to safe levels
wash their hands
viruses such as norovirus and hepatitis a can be spread when foodhandlers fail to
toxic metal poisoning
cooking tomato sauce in a copper pot can cause which food borne illness

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