Service Project

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I, along with my two friends, decided to help clean up a basketball park in our neighborhood as a service project. We play a lot in this area and have spent most of our time here when we are not in school. We realized that the park needs extra cleaning and maintenance because of the numerous kids going here to play everyday. That was when we decided that it’s the perfect place to clean up and help. The park is usually visited by more than fifty kids a day and they would normally add trash to the surroundings especially when families bring their dogs along.

The park also has lots of trees around and the fallen leaves are everywhere. We planned to clean it of dead leaves, trash and other litters to make it healthier and safer for kids. One of my friends started gathering dead leaves and piling them in around trees so that ants or other insects can live there and obtain food. These can also be effective fertilizers. My other friend started fixing the basketball ring because it was already torn by everyday basketball activities. We also started fixing the fences which were in need of repair.

Later in the

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day, more and more kids were eager to help us cleaning and repairing. Before we started the project, there were no proper places to dispose trash so what we did was allocate certain places for garbage bin and added signs so that people can see it at once. We also encouraged garbage segregation in the signs that we did. Of course, we made sure that they are colorful and artistic to catch the attention of people. The whole experience is tiring but fun at the same time. We had a blast cleaning the place.

We also plan to paint the swings and the seesaws if we still have time in the future. The park now became a fun-filled place where all kids can spend their time with other kids and their families. I really look forward to continue with our next painting project. I’ll definitely go here more often to check if the garbage bins we’ve set up are well-maintained. I now realized the value of groupwork and cooperation and its success in pulling off a seemingly hard task. My friends and I also realized the value of cleanliness in the well-being of people, especially of children.

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