Service Marketing Short

a key determinant of whether a product offering should be classified as a product or a service
Which of the following is an example of a tangible component provided by a hotel
Guest Rooms
The characteristic of a service that refers to differences in employees’ performances
Which of the following is a marketing implication that results from the heterogeneity of services
Mass production of services is difficult
refers to the fact that services cannot be saved, stored, resold or returned
An attorney who charges a client for a missed appointment is taking into account the _____ characteristic of services
Which of the following is NOT an element of the traditional marketing mix
In the simplest terms, _____ are deeds, processes and performances.
The _____ of a customer is the increased value or profit that accrues for each additional customer who remains loyal to a company rather than defecting to the competition
Lifetime value
Assumes all customers within each tier are homogeneous
The 80/20 two-tier scheme
All of the following are true regarding the focus of relationship Marketing EXCEPT
To attract customers who are profitable for the company
To build and maintain a base of committed customers
To focus on the retention and enhancement of customer relationships
CLV – customer Lifetime Value – is a calculation that looks at customers from the point of view of their lifetime revenue. The factors included in this calculation are those listed below EXCEPT
Cost of advertising
According to the text, the lifetime value of a customer is not influenced by
The communication strategy
According to the _____, while advertising, sales and promotions pour profits into your company, there will always be some customer defection, which has the potential to grow larger
Bucket theory
The FIRST step in delivering high service quality is
Understanding customer requirements
Standardization of services occurs through
Substitution of technology for personal contact and human effort
What is wrong with the following service goal posted in a restaurant: “Do not keep customers waiting too long to be served”?
It is not specific enough
One of the customer-defined standards at Delta Airlines is “the number of pieces of luggage damaged per day”. “The number of pieces of luggage damaged per day” is a _____ customer-defined service standard.
Which of the following is NOT a soft customer-defined standard
Orders delivered when promised
Which of the following is NOT an example of a hard measurement
Satisfaction with reservation process
An importance/performance matrix is used to
Select behaviors and actions for standards
Digging deeper to transform customer expectations into ‘actionable steps’ involves which step in the Process for Identifying Customer-Defined Standards
Translate customer expectations into behaviors & actions.
Mass _____ entails designing products and services to fit each customer’s individual needs
Which of the following is NOT a reason why a service firm may avoid a customer relationship with a particular customer
Customer is not always right
Which of the following is an example of a remote service environment
Carolina Power Company
Within the servicescape, the clearly displayed ENTRANCE and EXIT signs at a Jiffy-Lube 10-minute oil and lubrication service act as a
The restrooms at the Merritt Coliseum, a venue for Shania Twain, Seal and Chris Rock concerts, serve what servicescape role
A dance studio is a(n) _____ environment
Interpersonal services
All of the following are elements of a hotel’s servicescape EXCEPT
Housekeeping staff
The servicescape plays all of the following roles EXCEPT
Boundary spanner
While most KFC restaurants look alike, there is one in Marietta, Georgia, that is in the base of a 56-foot tall chicken replica with rolling eyes and a moving beak. In this example, the servicescape is act as a
At Chessmen, an upscale men’s clothing store, classical music plays softly in the background, while the store’s fragrance-a blend of oak, leather and fine tobacco wafts from carefully placed heat-sensitive pellets. The music and fragrance at the Chessmen correspond to the _____ in the stimulus-organism-response model
Spatial layout and functionality increase in importance when
Service is provided in a self-service environment
The first step in developing an effective physical evidence strategy is to
Recognize the strategic impact of physical evidence

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