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As the example when a customer goes to an 02 mobile store to buy a product and he doesn’t know anything about it. So the service here which is produced by the 02 people will be in explaining what the product actually is and different types of schemes he can take with the product(pay as you go or pay monthly schemes etc. ). 2. Most of the indirect contact services will happen over the phone or by mail or by post. There wont be a face to face interaction with the customer but they will call the customer and explain about the service which they want to sell.

As the example I eve a Barclay bank account and as I am working as part time the company is paying me the money directly to the bank. After a month I got a letter for Barclay bank stating that I have been pre selected for a credit card. Here they want to sell a credit card. I have filled all the details and I sent them through post. In a week time I got my credit card with a reasonable amount of credit. Here in the entire process no personnel of Barclay bank had a direct conversation with me but I have been delivered the service and I’m happy for it. This is how an indirect service encounter appends.

A MOMENT OF TRUTH: Moment of truth is an instance where the customer and the firm confronts each other. The firm tries to build up the Impression of their firm In front of the customer. These Impressions may improve by the products of the firm or the services they offer. As we know In this competitive world It Is very difficult to get a new customer than to retain an existing customer. The moment of truth can be positive as well as negative. When the moment of truth Is positive we call It Moment of Magic and when It Is negative we call It Moment of Misery. When a customer feels he has been delivered a better service than what he actually expected it is called as moment of magic. I would like to give a recent example of my friend who traveled to India. He booked an economy class air ticket and he has been upgraded to first class. Now he feels that the firm which gave him the service is the best in the world even if he is not experienced any other firm’s services in that particular sector. 2. When a customer expects a better service and if he is not been delivered what he has expected it leads to moment of misery.

Once it happened I went to a restaurant to have my lunch. As my friends said it is one of the best restaurants in Liverpool I wanted to have my lunch there. It took more than 45 minutes for me to get a table in the restaurant though the restaurant was not full. I was said that they do not had enough waiters to serve me and I waited for long. This experience made me feel that the restaurant is not providing a good service though the taste of the food was good enough. This is call moment of misery. CRITICAL INCIDENT: Critical incidents are specific encounters between customers and service employees.

They can either be satisfying or dissatisfying. By analyzing the critical incidents we can realism where the firm is doing wrong in satisfying the customers. There is also a technique to analyses the critical incidents known as Critical Incident Technique. Example: This happened to me when I went to a bank to ask for a overdraft account. I had to wait for a long time answering all the questions the service provider asked me and later I got an answer from him stating that I was not eligible for the overdraft account as I was not from the European Union.

He can clearly saw that in the starting itself hat I was not from European Union by seeing my passport as it shows the Nationality as an Indian. After the entire process took place I was not satisfied by the service which the bank has provided as it wasted my one hour of time and even the service provider was unaware that the overdraft will be rejected due to this factor. They can improvise this problem by conducting the Critical Incident Technique. By this technique tallest other customers who are not of European Union will not waste time in answering all the questions and going through the entire process.

SERVICE INNOVATION: arrive delivery or change in the service model itself. 1 . Ideas for service innovation may come from analyzing the moment of misery(as explained above ) . 2. These innovations in service may also come by observing the services offered to the customers. 3. These innovations are also possible by combining two or more services which can mould together. (paying current bills and water bills from the mobile). This can be referred as new service innovation. The key distinguishing factors for services are called as 5 g’s. They are 1 . Intangibility , 2. Inseparability , 3.

Inconsistency , 4. Inventory and 5. Inability to own. Out of these five features Inseparability deals with simultaneous production and consumption of services. The meaning itself says that it is hard to separate service from the service provider. As an example a haircut can be delivered to a customer when the customer sits on the chair in front of the barber. If he sits somewhere else the service is impossible. In other words we can say that inseparability is a characteristic of a service which makes difficult to separate the services from production and consumption.

As an example if a barber couldn’t give proper service to a customer and if he yells at him in front of other customers , other customers might think that the service provider is to that good in delivering that particular service. Employ to deliver these services. As an example if we go to a restaurant and the waiter doesn’t behave properly with you or doesn’t bring the items which you have ordered it leaves a bad impression of the service on the customer. So the people who will have a direct contact with the customers in these kind of services should be properly trained. . Managers should keep in mind that the process of these kind of service deliveries should be standard as the same service will be iterated to the customers again and again. This doesn’t mean that the services for each and every customer should be the same but the standard of delivering the service to all the customers should be the same. As an example in a bank there will be regular customers and priority customers. The interest rates for all the customers will be the same but the process of delivery the service for these two classes of customers is different.

In other words these services should be like the Tam’s . They provide and process the request to customers at the same speed irrespective of their bank balance and the amount they withdraw. . In this kind of services even the customer is a part of the service. So it is important for the manager to explain the customer what he needs to do while the service is being delivered or else it will create misconceptions for the services delivered and the outcomes of it. B GAP Analysis: GAP analysis is the comparison of actual service provided to the potential service that can be provided. This is used to analyses quality problems for helping managers. GAP ANALYSIS FRAMEWORK This GAP tells that the “management perceives the quality expectations inaccurately’. GAP: This GAP tells that the “service quality specifications are not consistent with the management perceptions of quality expectations”. GAP: This GAP tells that “quality specifications are not met by performance in the service production and delivery process”.

GAP: This GAP tells about the “promises made by marketing communication are not consistent with the service delivered”. GAPS: This GAP tells about the “perceived or experienced service is not consistent with the expected service”. TRACING POSSIBLE REASONS FOR POOR QUALITY: GAP: This GAP can be traced out by doing the market research and the demand for that arrive in the product. Checking the complexity of organizational layers as too many layers can cause poor delivery of services. This GAP can be traced out by analyzing the complete planning of the management.

Can be done by checking the goals of the organization. Checking whether the specifications are rigid or too complicated. Check whether there is proper internal marketing for the service. Determine whether the technology you are using is sufficient enough to perform the service. Can be traced by ensuring whether the marketing communication planning is integrated with the service operations. Can be traced if there is a lack of coordination between traditional external marketing and operations.

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