Server 4-12 Chapter 11

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On what port does DHCP failover listen for failover traffic?
TCP port 647
Which of the following criteria listed can be used to create conditions in a DHCP policy?
All of the above
IPv4 addresses use an address space that is _____ bits long, as compared to IPv6 addresses, which use an address space that is _____ bits long
32, 128
What term describes the network transmissions method where packets are sent from one host to all other hosts?
When creating a multicast scope in Windows Server 2012 R2, what is the default lease time set to?
30 days
What is the name of the special resource record that Windows Server 2012 R2 DHCP will create to track which machine originally requested a specific name in DNS?
Dynamic Host Configuration Identifier
IPv6 addresses are written using what number system?
When configuring DHCP failover partners, the time synchronization between the partners is critical. What is the maximum allowable time skew between DHCP failover partners?
60 seconds
What database engine is used for the DHCP database in Windows Server 2012 R2?
What is the name of the configurable objects in DHCP that contain the range of IP addresses that can be allocated to clients?
DHCP scopes
Which of the following networks represents the multicast network space, as defined? to
Which of the following represents the correct default subnet mask used with Class A networks?
By default, after how much time has elapsed in an active DHCP lease will a Windows client computer attempt to renew the lease?
50% of the lease time
When configuring Split Scopes for DHCP, what is the traditional percentage split of the scope range?
80% to the primary server, 20% to the secondary server

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