separate peace study guide for ch 1-5

John Knowles

A Separate Peace

setting (year)

Setting (place:state)
New England, Massachusets

Name of school
Devon school

Gene Forrester

Best friend roomate

Best friends nickname

What is Elwin’s last name

What is Elwin’s nickname

What is the roomate’s streght at school
best athlete

What is the narrator’s strength at school
very smart

The _____________ society of the summer session
super suicide

What is the one membership requierment of that society
To jump off the tree into the river as an intial stunt

Explain: “Yes, he had practically saved my life. He had also practically lost it for me.”
Getting out on the limb of the tree was Finny’s idea. Gene would have not gone at all if it wasn’t Finny’s idea.

What record does the roomate break
a swimming record

Where do the two boys go “off limits” for a day and night
to the beach

“How does the narrator respond when his roomate says he’s his “best pal”?
He say the same for him.

In the bible, who was brought back to life by God?

How much money did the two boys have between them at the beach
seventy five cents

How did the narrator do on his Trigonometry test after his trip to the beach?
He failed it

What happens when the boys try to jump off the tree side by side
They both loose their balance

What literary device is “… the gym meditated behind its gray walls…”
Personification because it is giving the gym human actions

Describe Elwin’s personality.
Elwin is assumed to be fearful and will not jump off the tree. He is impatient and joins the allied forces first.

What literary device is: “The Super Suicide Society of the Summer session

What physical injury occurs after the tree incident
Finny shatters his leg on the river shore

Who is the Doctor who treats the Roomate
Doctor Stanpole

What emotion does the narrator feel? Explain
Gene feels guilty because he questions himself and he believes he caused Finny to break his leg and never play sports again.

In what year does the narrator return to the school after the summer session

How does the roomate react when the narrator says he caused the accident?
He doesn’t think that Finny actually caused him to shatter his leg. They kept arguing and Gene told Finny that he pushed him off because he was jealous.

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