Sensory Detail

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Free-Write on Sensory Detail (Jelly Bean) The sensory detail of jelly bean can be described in many various forms. It could be juicy, sweet, or sour. It could be small, large, or medium. The delicious jelly bean could even be described as bean-shaped, oval-shaped, or deformed. There are many different ways to describe a jelly bean. I believe the response given depends mainly on the characteristics of the person and the state or mood that particular person is in at the time of the analysis. For instance, on a good day, the jelly bean could be described as sunset orange.

However, on a gloomy day it could be described as burnt orange. Both depict the same color but emphasis a different part of the person’s psyche. On this particular day I was in a good mood, so my color of choice was sunset orange. My bean was extremely smooth on all sides, like a piece of gentle plastic wrapped up in a bean-shaped fashion, yet fragile to the touch. It felt as if the gentlest squeeze could burst the juiciness from my small marvel. As I picked the bean up and dropped it, it emitted a sound as if a pencil had

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hit the ground, or something may have fallen from my pocket as I set up out of bed.

As I bit into the bean I was surprised by the sourness of the taste but was soon refreshed by the gentle orange taste that enriched my taste buds. My facial expressions were fused between the bitterness of the jelly bean and the slight emotion of happiness of being watched by a fellow student. Evan through the tasting process I couldn’t help not smiling. It seemed as If the entire experiment somehow inadvertently made my day somehow better. Maybe it was just the jelly bean, maybe it was just the first day of a new class, but whatever the reason, I can’t help thinking that somehow this little bit of sunshine made my day brighter.

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