Selling Chapters 8 & 9

Term Definition
Success setting a goal and accomplishing it
Strategic programs, goals, and projects of great importance
Strategic Customer relationship formal relationship between the seller and the customer with the purpose being a joint pursuit of mutual goals
Creative Problem Solver person with the ability to develop and combine nontraditional alternatives in order to meet specific needs of the customer
Preapproach planning the sales call on a customer or prospect
Sales Call Objective the main purpose of a salesperson's call to a prospect or customer
SMART Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Timed
Customer Profile relevant information regarding the firm, the buyer, and individuals who influence the buying decision
Customer Benefit Plan plan that contains the nucleus of information used in a sales presentation
Prospects Mental Steps in making a sales presentation, quickly obtain the prospect's full attention, develop interest in your product, create a desire to fulfill a need, establish the prospect's conviction that the product fills a need, and finally, purchase the product
Sales Call Planning the process of preparing to approach a prospect attempting to make a sale
Memorized Presentation type of presentation in which the salesperson does 80 to 90 percent of the talking, focusing on the product and its benefits rather than attempting to determine the prospect's needs
Formula Presentation presentation by which the salesperson follows a general outine that allows more flexibility and tries to determine the prospect needs
Need-Satisfaction Presentation flexible, interactive type of presentation in which a prospect's needs are thoroughly discussed
Problem-Solution Presentation flexible, customized approach involving an in-depth study of a prospect's needs, requiring a well-planned presentation

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