Security Threats at Home

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Online Security in the homes is an issue and not for organization alone. Mainly at risk are confidentiality, integrity, and availability of our network. Some risk arises from misuse unintentionally or by an intruder via the Internet. There are potential threats on a home personal computer and it is important to know the techniques employed by the attackers in order to secure our systems information. It is important to learn the basics in protecting our loved ones online but first let us know what hackers use to intrude and damage our systems.

Anyone who sits in the computer almost everyday and surf the internet at least once a week is highly at risk against online security threats and must employ privacy protection. For these reasons, it is best to employ computer security so that our systems would not be used by intruders and unauthorized users. A worst scenario is having your computer controlled by an intruder to launch a terrorist attack. Those with broadband connections are twenty four hours connected to the internet. These are people literally called sitting on the internet and are potentially at the high risk.

They are the ones who are exposed to hackers that could maliciously access their

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financial transactions. A wireless connection also invites hundreds of intruders unless your PC is network protected. Someone standing at your driveway can gain access to your friends’ phone numbers and lists of your credit cards. To make wireless home network more secure it is best to locate it at the center of the house and not near windows and exterior walls. Cable modem users have a high exposure to packet sniffers due to LAN.

It can easily capture data transmitted from users to any cable modem in the neighborhood. Some intentional misuse of personal computers used by intruders is the use of the Trojan horse program referred also as social engineering (University, 2001). It re configure the system and infect your computer with viruses it can be installed thru back door programs. The DoS attack is the denial of service; this can make other computer get affected thru the use of your computer, it could crash a system and makes a network too busy processing a data that it makes it impossible to use.

Malicious script can access your data thru mobile code such as the JavaScript and Activex and if this happen disengage the use of Java if possible. A malicious web developer also uses cross scripting sent to the website thru URL, upon response of the website the malicious script is then transferred to the browser of your computer and exposed to the intruder your web pages, email messages, and group postings. Email spoofing like releasing sensitive information such as password or claiming to be from a system administrator which threats that non compliance to it may suspend an account are a hoax.

We should also be wary in exchanging files with unknown parties and limit the chat client’s in downloading files. Spyware and McAfee monitors viruses and worms that infects the PC systems in a lot different ways like it infects 90% of any Internet connected PC’s thru visiting and opening a spy carrying email attachment (Online-Security-Solutions. om, 2004).

New forms of threats can come in variants way everyday that an attacker may gain access to some information. Consulting support system personnel, using a firewall, putting off the computer when not in use, changing SSID (service set identifier default) regularly, patching, updating software protection, knowing email borne viruses and preventing the opening of these files, and using encryptions can protect the home network security system but unfortunately holes are always discovered by hackers to exploit and the complexity of software makes it difficult to sustain security.

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