Security Systems Application

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The customers of ZippyFlowers. com are expected to reveal some personal informations about themselves for the reason of extending processed business transactions with the said clients. In could be noted through this process that the informations shared by the clients are to be used by the organization to be able to process their orders and be paid in the said service as well. How does the privacy policy help or protect consumers? Would you estimate that it offers a poor, sufficient, or excellent level of protection?

Through taking good care of the personal informations gathered from the clients, the business organizations are able to increase the trust level of their customers with regards the process by which their services are handled. It could be observed that ZippyFlowers. com provides the same level of service to their clients. This then protects the idea of the consumers that they are well given importance by the organization. Overall, as observed, it could be noted that the security measures adapted by the organization are rather of excellent level of protection rendered to their clients.

How does the privacy policy help or protect the company? Would you estimate that it offers a poor, sufficient, or excellent level of

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protection? As the level of trust increase in the part of the clients, the level of customer loyalty that the organization receives from the clients they serve becomes a source of ensured profit-gains. Who can use the information collected on the website? The company forwards certain informations such as e-mail addresses of consumers to other advertisers and other companies offering the services that the clients may be interested in.

It should be remembered though that only chosen informations under the permission of the client could be shared to others. What kind of security does the website have in place? The organization integrates the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) System within the security measures of the business. This process technology is considered to protect credit card informations of the clients of whom the business serves online. Compare the Sample Privacy Policy below with a privacy policy from a real company, e. g. any online store or bank, or any website that requires a login.

How are they similar? Different? www. questia. com is an online library that allows access only to subscribers of the system. Only those who are able to pay the price of the access are able to read books online and other resources that clients could use for research purposes. www. jstor. com is also a research resource website that gives access to download and printing of sources only to their subscribers. To protect the concerns of their clients, they keep track of the personal informations of customers only through a company database.

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