Security Program

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There are many necessary aspects in building an efficient security program. Since the computing facilities of today are very vulnerable to malicious attacks, it would be worthwhile to consider effective measures in construction a successful security program. The welfare of a system primarily relies on at least four major factors. There are many factors which are primarily needed to establish a security program. First, a reliable database should be used. This involves the acquisition of a working storage system which can accommodate the expanded allowable information of the structure.

Second, there should be very strong software defense against possible unwarranted attacks. Of course, this can be done by installing software or programs related to anti viral scopes. Some of the most expensive investments in a security program are the purchase and use of very strong antivirus product (Hulme, 2004). Another component is the establishment of network channels for the entire security system. This will allow for more dynamic process of relaying information.

The significant speed of transmission of data will be held in an optimum way if good networking faculties are to be used. Lastly, the personnel who manage the entire security program should have the necessary know-how in troubleshooting and correct system analysis. The person should also be able to solve technical problems and maintain the overall integrity of the computer system (Winrow, 1990). In some cases, the entire organization’s operation in terms of computer processing lies on the ability of the personnel to come up with effective program management.

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