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Most of the churches I have been to are small and funded by the public. Most of the small churches cannot afford many security measures, such as outside security agency or metal detectors. If they would have implemented these types of security It would portray a negative Image with outside people. There are many components to the overall security objectives that deserve attention. In these types of scenarios, we often underestimate the security In our churches and schools In order to enhance security In and around these faculties.

There needs to be both personal security and physical security. I think that the church or school can cake sure that the staff is aware of security protocols and procedures against attacks ranging from gunmen, fires and bombs. Another area that needs attention is having surveillance. Physical monitoring, such as security guards, police officers doing extra patrols to ensure safety. It is very unfortunate that more and more churches and schools are becoming a target when it comes to threats of arson or bombings.

I believe there needs to be more personal security and trained camera surveillance.. If churches were to install security Page 2 camera to watch the outside grounds than

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they would be better protected because hey could see if any crime were going on, possibly be able to catch the people that committed those crimes, and maybe even prevent some of those people from eve en trying to commit crimes because they see the cameras.

Most places of worship being funded with public donations and the church congregation, which makes It hard to hire security personnel and personal to monitor the surveillance cameras. The church could train people from the community, the congregation or others that might be interested to monitor the surveillance cameras. They also could have Interested people cover security during services at the entrances to look for potential threats.

It Is sad as It Is that anything Like this could, would, or has happened In or at a church there Is not the way to completely, one hundred percent, avoid It. There are security measures that churches can take to lad In keeping the church, Its employees, and people that attend that church safe as what I have previously mentioned. Another thing that the church could do would be to contact the local fire department, SWAT team, or bomb squad so that they know exactly what needs to be any people safe as possible.

With the overall security objective had these events occurred at the mall I think that the same security measures are important. The most important thing is still going to be making sure that all of the innocent people and employees are kept as safe as possible. Another countermeasure that a mall could take would be to have after hours Page 3 security in addition to the daytime security I also think that there needs to be more security measures with the mall because it is a much larger with a lot more people.

There needs to be more trained security personal, more surveillance cameras monitored around the clock and a foot security personal to look for things out of the ordinary. The mall needs to have an After hours security monitoring and personal to be a deterrent against the criminals that might try something like setting Off bomb or starting a fire. A business has much different security objectives to consider because there are many dangerous people out there and we never know what or when things such as shooting, a bombing or arson will happen.

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