Security Management

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From the very beginnings of mankind, private security has already been practiced and done in order to protect one’s life and property. It has been considered as one of the oldest tasks which were done by man and nowadays, it is a multi-faceted and broad-based business and profession. Based from the archaeological or historical evidences, it was found out that the primitive man indeed was aware that the protection of himself and maintaining security was important.

During the period of the primitive man, there were already protection and enforcements especially on social codes were done and the modern counterpart of this is the public and private security. The concept of being a private security as differentiated from public security was now directly known or distinguishable before, but was only classified as either private or public later on. How has the field of private security changed in the U.

S. from colonial times until the present time? As the number of the business, communities and homeowners increase from the colonial times until the present time, the range and number of private security in the U. S. also increases. The percentage of reliance to private security also increased. Furthermore, the budget allotted for private security increases as the budget allotted for public security decreases.

From the simple and less number of private security agencies in the colonial times, nowadays, it has increased into a complex network of systems, tools and gadgets and private security agencies. Identify and discuss at least 2 of the differences between private and public sector security. The public security was more into the protection of the general public or a larger number of individuals and the prevention of criminal and terrorist activities as to maintain the social security.

On the other hand, private security focuses on the protection of private individuals or of specific individuals who paid for such security. The safety of these individuals are more considered or prioritized than the safety of the general public. The private security is owned or established by a certain individual or group of people and serves as a business and could also be a profession. Whereas the public sector security is more of a profession or duty to maintain social security and that the government somehow “owns” the public sector security.

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