security management chapter 9

process through which info is gathered, analyzed, and reported
when investigations are warranted
when an accident occurs
-unexplained property losses are discovered
-when personal misconduct or criminal activity is observed or reported
-background investigations are integral to business and criminal intelligence operations
human resource investigations
employees background
-workplace violence
-employment discrimination
-worker compensation claims
-sex harrassment
-substance abuse
-wrongful termination claims
-failure to exercise due dilligence could result in a liability connection between new employee and the organization
-required by law to investigate claims of sex harassment and unlawful employment discrimination
workers compensation
-arisen out of employment AOE
-course of employment COE
arisen out of employment AOE
-injuries to employees that have arisen out of employment
-injuries that develop over time like stress of lung disease
course of employment COE
-injury is attributed to a single act or even
-ppl under influence of alcohol or drugs, are less productive, show poor attendance, create hazardous situations
personal injury and property damage investigations
-result from unintentional accidents
-from a collision
-through the internal act or omission to act of another human being
-physical harm to an individual
-damages to property
-investigation must be conducted if ? is involved
-main goal is to prevent future incidents from occuring
purpose of criminal investigations
-determine if crime was committed
-ID and locate suspect
-recognize, collect and preserve evidence that may establish guilt of innocence
-investigator must distinguish between misdemeanors from felonies
-suspect can be apprehended at the scene or an individual may provide the investigator with an admission or confession subsequent to the incident
physical evidence
-should be placed in appropriate containers marked with identifying info
-investigator who found evidence should put identifying marks or initials on the evidence as it is collected
-each item needs logged into investigative report and need to maintain proper chain of custody
-used when conventional investigative methods fail to produce enough evidence
electronic private sector surveillance
-not subject to restrictions under any government exclusionary rule
-subject to privacy laws, criminal law, and lawsuits
-not legally appropriate if subject has reasonable expectation of privacy
undercover surveillance
-contract services used in retail outlets, financial institutions, lodging establishments, restaurants, car dealerships
-used to ID internal criminal activity, monitor quality of customer service, verify product knowledge on part of employees
-when someone uses a scheme or device to deceive another
-forgery, false pretenses, misappropriation, tricks and lying
-criminal and civil court
-perp already has legal possession of property becaues of a relationship of trust
-person breaches that trust and misappropriates that property
-bank officers, cashiers and bookkeepers
-occurs when motive and opportunity to commit the crime are present and a capable guardian for property, such as adequate security measures is absent
-intent to permanently deprive someone of property is formed before or at the time of the taking
-financial and fraud examination
financial audits
-involve evaluation of the accounting system
-transactions are examined to evaluate the timeliness accuracy and completeness of the transaction recording
-sample transactions randomly selected for review
fraud examinations
-require investigator to think in terms of how the financial controls could be compromised
-each transaction is examined
impermissible investigative conduct
-secret investigative methods
-use of polygrah
-arrest and detention of suspected law violates
-confidential communications
-physical search of a person not permissible in private business
polygraph protection act 1988
-prohibits employers from directly or indirectly requiring, requesting, suggesting, or causing any employee or prospective employee to take or submit to any lie detector test, using accepting referring to or inquiring about the results of any lie detector test or discharging disciplining discriminating against or denying employment or promotion to or threatening any such action against any employee or prospective employee who refuses declines or fails to take a lie detector test
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