Security Management

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The aspect of security for each organization or institution is indeed important for maintaining the group’s independency, their management, organizational system, and others. Similarly to each individual, most organization requires their own personal space in their management approach and organizational strategies. Secondly, organizations require that the relevant information in their management and their operation be kept within only to the knowledge of their management sector and their institutions due to the economic nature of competition.

Most importantly, the aspect of security ensures the privacy and ownership of the resources, equipments, and other property of the organization. Lastly, the aspect of security is also necessary for managing the human resource of the organization during unexpected and emergency cases. Thus, to address these specific aspects, an effective security management plan must be developed and implemented for the success of the organization.

A security plan is indeed important in an organization however, developing a security management strategy if often complicated. In this aspect, it is important to consider the critical elements and concerns in the security of the organization such as entrance, exit, coverage, scheduling, the available resources, personnel, and others. In this aspect, the management plan must be able to correlate effectively and properly the available resources in an implementation that is suitable to the security needs of the group.

Likewise, another important element is the time and size which must be handled by the security plan wherein its must effectively cover the entire premises at all time. Consider these elements will result to the success of the security management plan. As an actual application, consider the role of a security manager tasked with the duty of developing a plan for a small company. Ideally, the plan must provide entire coverage for full time, including both day and night period, with the available resource of five personnel.

The premises is relatively small comprised only of the main building, a primary opening for entrance and exit and a secondary opening located in the back for refuse, maintenance, and fire exit. To establish this complete coverage, the main entrance will be covered by personnel wherein one is placed for full duty and another placed only during busy periods for routine examinations. These periods are primarily in the opening, lunch period, and the closing. Other than these periods, the secondary officer will do routine patrol around the premise and inside the premise.

Another officer will also be placed in the secondary entrance while doing also patrol duty inside and the back region of the facility. These duties will require three officers for the daytime period with each having a duty of 8 hours separated with two-hour discrepancy. Another set of officer composed of two personnel will perform night duty with one in coverage of the entrance and front regions and the other for the secondary opening and the back region.

Their duties will compose of intervals of roving and fixed patrols with the two performing simultaneously. Transition between duties is important thus, the schedule of both the day and night officers will overlap for an hour. The preliminary opening will be handled by night shift officers at six at the morning where they will be joined by two daytime officers an hour later. The next hour will be the end of the night shift officers at the same moment that third daytime officer will be present.

In the afternoon, the end of the first daytime shift will be the start of nighttime shift thus, the third officer will overlap both duties acting as the support for both morning and afternoon transition. Rest day for the officers will be distributed during weekdays while maintaining the two personnel on duty for both shifts. Through this approach, the security needs of the organization and the concern for the human resource of the security will both be effectively addressed. Indeed, developing a security management plan is complicated yet important for the organization.

In this aspect, the relevant issues and concerns of the organization must be sufficiently considered particularly the coverage, the time, and the available resources. Through strategically allocating the available resources and prioritizing the critical security needs of the group, a suited security plan can be made which effectively addressed the critical needs of the group. Through which, the significant security management plan for the group can be achieved ensuring the independency, privacy, and the effectiveness of the organization’s management and operation.

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