section review chp 5.1

Use each of the following terms in a seperate sentence: heredity, dominant trait, and recessive trait.
-My brown eyes and my big hands come from the heredity from my dads side.
-My dad is tanned , my mom is white the dominant trait with my parents is my dad because i have a tan.
-A second generation after disapearing in thefirst generation with parents wit different traits are bred is called recessive traits.

A plant that has both male and female reproductive structures is able to…
(a) self replicate

Explain the difference between self-pollination and cross pollination.
one means to do by itself when pollinating (self pollination), and one means to send around (cross pollinating)

What is the difference between a trait and a characteristic? Give one example of each.
-Trait genetically determined characteristic.
-Characteristics means is something he/she does or a fact about the character

Describe Mendel’s first set of experiments.
In the first experiments, Mendel crossed pea to study seven different characteristics.

Describe Mendel’s second set of experiments.
Mendel allowed the first generation plants to self-pollinate.

Gregor Mendel used only true breeding plants. If he had used plants that were not true breeding, do you think he would have discovered dominant and recessive traits? Explain.
no because he would really know how or where the plant did, or was at

In cats there are two types of ears: normal and curly. A curly eared cat mated with an normal eared cat, and all of kittens had curly ears.Are curly ears a dominant or recessive trait? Explain.
recessive trait because if the mother nor’ father had curly ears the it must of came from the family of cats.

List three other fields of study that use ratios.
Characteristics, dominant traits, Recessive traits.

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