Section 5.1 and 5.2 The stages of the Cell Cycle and how Mitosis and Cytokinesis is similar

Question Answer
how many stages are in the cell cycle? 4 stages are in the cell cycle
what are the four stages called? Gap 1,Synthesis,Gap 2,and Mitosis
what is a Cell Cycle? The cell cycle is the pattern of growth,DNA,and cell division
what does Inter-phase provide for the cell? It provides time for duplication of organelles
what is a cell's size limit? A cell size is medium.It can not be to small or it wont be able to contain what it needs or to big because the surface area will start to become small.
what is a chromosome? is one long continuous thread of DNA
what does Mitosis help divide? divides the cell's nucleus
Do all cells divide at the same rate? cells divide at different rates depending on the type of cell
what does Cytokinesis divide? divides the cytoplasm
what does Cytokinesis help do? It helps to complete the cell cycle
what do Mitosis and Cytokinesis have in common? they both are called daughter cells
how long is DNA? 3 meters (10 feet long)
what does the changes in DNA help do? It helps a cell to carry out its necessary functions
what are the four chromosome structures? DNA double helix,DNA and histones,chromatid,and super coiled DNA
what are the four stages of Mitosis? prophase,metephase,anaphase,and telophase

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