Section 13.1- Ecologists Study Relationships (Tarek)

What is Ecology?
The study of the interactions among organisms, as well as their surroundings.

Why did Ernst Haeckal create the term ecology?
He coined the term ecology to encourage biologists to consider the ways organisms interact

What are the different levels of ecologists ecologists study?
Organism, Population, Community, Ecosystem, and Biome

What is an Organism?
An individual living thing

What is a Population?
A group of the same species that live in one area

What is a Biome?
A global community of organisms in which are classified climate conditions and plant communities.

What is a Community?
A group of different species that live together in one area

What is an Ecosystem?
All organisms including abiotic factors.

What are three of the ecological research methods that ecologists use?
Observation, experimentation, and modeling.

What is observation?
Observation is the act of watching something over time. This could happen in a short or a long period of time.

What are the ways scientists conduct observations?
Observation could be done through visual surveys and radio telemetry methods.

What is experimentation?
Its when scientists perform experiments in the lab or field to gain a better knowledge of organisms as well as non-living things.

What is the difference between a lab experiment and a field experiment?
A lab experiment is conducted in an indoor, controlled environment were the artificial setting does not reflect the complex interactions of the environment. Whereas the field experiment is performed where an organism lives, but this process is difficult to conduct.

What is the process of modeling?
Scientists who use mathematical models to model nature.

What is one use of satellite technology?
An example of the use of satellite technology is to track the movement of elephants

What is the use of modeling?
To test hypothetical questions

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