Seattle University

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The world is fast becoming a borderless place. Cultures, races, beliefs and ideologies are blend together and interact because of the growing advances in communications. In order to succeed in this world, one needs to be able to adapt to the various cultural differences as well as be able to maintain a certain sense of individual identity. One also needs to be able to have the proper training and expertise in order to succeed. My former school, University of Washington, did not have the same rich academic environment that I see with Seattle University.

This is why I believe that this educational environment is the perfect place for me. Not only does this University exceed my expectations but it is also enjoys a global reputation. I have learned from my parents two “laws”: the law of learning and the law of giving. I believe the more you learn the more open you become for learning. I am convinced this University is a great fit for “the law of learning. ” That is why I believe that this move is a crucial step for me. My success and my accomplishments here will herald the beginning of the fulfillment of my personal and professional goals.

It is said that the one thing that nobody can ever take away from you is your education and that is the one thing that I plan to not only gain for myself but for others as well. I have learned from my parents the critical importance of the law of giving, and I am both attracted and committed to this model of community service, particularly that “students apply skills to affect social change. ” The location of the Seattle University Campus is ideal in the sense that it is in the proximity of other notable medical and health institutions.

This is important to me because it will give me the training I need for my planned profession. In the pursuit of one’s dreams, it is not enough for one to dream. There are concrete steps that one must take. I realize this and understand that in order for me to live out my dream I need to make most of the opportunities that come my way and make the right decisions. At this point in my life, I feel that obtaining this degree at Seattle University is the best option for me. The prestige that is connected with this University is something that I feel will help me in the future.

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