Seattle: The Future is Now

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Seattle: The future is Now is a film all about the inspirational citizens who are rousing their cities to make it as wonderful and great place to reside and they are in forwarding steps in urban neighbourhoods renewing by using a practice of sustainable environment. It is a film about creating great cities to live and supporting density of population without pollution, crowding and mugging vistas of existing and real concrete.

It holds the extraordinary blessings of the natural and the natural environment act as the leading factor and there is common believes that environment get affected only because of the rising population that its old age infrastructure. Seattle is city of forward thinking in which it has set up an Office of Sustainability and Environment (OSE) in safeguarding the mother lands nature and reaching the future. This office stresses the significance of the environmental consciousness and quality in the society and it interpret into within the city government act.

The film features are the Queen of Green – Martha Rose with aim to reduce the impact on the build environment moves with a green and integrated approach in building residential place. A Nisqually Indian tribe Billy Frank – is working hard to

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save and protect the wild salmon peoples of Seattle and also in protecting the dietary, cultural and economic mainstay salmons. Martin Tobias and John Plaza Seattle biodiesel owners and it is a firm where in processed vegetable oils are converted into biodiesels.

To open up a Seattle’s Waterfront a group was assigned – The Peoples Waterfront Coalition, it is trying to find out a new apparition for transportation and this helps to create a waterfront to pedestrian uses. Dick Falkenbury – citizen’s champion whom everyone are inspired by project of monorail. Program “one less car” – which promotes the families in using one car. This film underscores the people’s activist and the practical resolution and transformation urban model.

Moreover it attempts to report on the Seattle’s environmental transformation for it strikes hard to combat rising population’s environmental effects by building the residential plots using the green technology with an aim to preserve the resources, it also embrace non motorized paths, playgrounds and parks and make use of mass transit and finally reducing the environmental impact. This film attempts to state the sociological theory which is much more related to urban sociology, moreover this film reveals the understanding of the urban society development and related problems.

It also augment the understanding of how the individuals cooperate and work together in their societies and it effect of the interaction. Added to this, film critical make everyone to think over the question of how do the suburban and urban societies change and develop? What is the reason for persistence of poverty in wealthy cities? What all the roles played by the ethnicity, race and economic globalization in determination of urban society inequality? What things will make neighbours desirable and safe to live?

Seattle: The Future is Now act as a great resource for the community settings and it clarifies the likeness and responsiveness of day to day citizens, professionals and activists who are authentic innovators – creating a practices of green building, restoring and protecting the watersheds, minimizing the automobile dependency, transformation of public housing and sustainable transportation development. This film is really a valuable one which helps to inspire and imagine work for the sustainable community.

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