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Ethics in Sport- Ben Johnson Ben]amyl Sinclair Johnson Is a former Canadian sprinter born In Falmouth, Jamaica. During the sass’s he held a high-profile career, but following the 1987 World Championships in Athletics and the 1988 Summer Olympics he was stripped of all his medals due to doping. It has been suggested that all of the runners in that 1988 Summer Olympics were all on steroids, they Just knew how to conceal it better.

He not only embarrassed Canada as a whole but himself for the rest of his life, I’m sure e looks back on the day he decided to take steroids and regrets It entirely. Was this the right thing to do, he most likely asks himself, when we talk about ethics in sports that’s the real question. There were so many scandals when it came to the 1988 Summer Olympics, it was a shock to not only Canada but the world that our fastest runner Ben Johnson was on steroids.

Maybe Ben Johnson shouldn’t of been stripped of all his medals seeing as all or most of the athletes were on them, don’t we as viewers want to witness a faster aced sport that is more exciting,

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which it is when athletes are on steroids. No one likes to be called a cheater but when your on steroids that’s exactly what your doing, although it may not feel like your doing any harm to yourself or your peers, you are. Here’s a picture of Ben Johnson holding up his finger as he beats Carl Lewis, another sprinter that was supposedly on steroids but TLD get caught. The only way to attack the problem, if in fact you wanted to, was random testing” – Said Johnny’s coach Francis. He followed by saying that cheating in this case wasn’t Justifiable Just because others were doing it, athletes are just too vulnerable to taking steroids because the payout Is so high and the pressure to perform Is huge. I believe Ben Johnson did this because he wanted to live up to everyone’s expectation of breaking a new World record’. He ended up finding out the hard way as to what the consequences would be for testing positive on that urine test.

I’m sure to this day that Ben Johnson Is a hero In some peoples eyes, but also a disgrace in others. For the rest of his life he is going to have to live with the fact that he cheated and upset millions of fans. The question is always going to be around whether it was right or not because there were other sprinters in that race that were on steroids as well. Maybe Ben Johnson would have won that race without steroids, then he would most likely be living In lavish to this day. But what happened can be forgotten.

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