Scott Foresman Social Studies Grade 5 Chapter 7

Large estates built by wealthy Spanish ranchers in North America

Military fort built by the Spanish

El Camino Real
Spanish for “the royal road,” a route that linked Spain’s colonies in the American Southwest with Mexico

Pueblo Revolt
Native American revolt in the late 1600s in which the Pueblo temporarily drove the Spanish out of New Mexico

What type of land did the Spanish find in New Mexico

birch bark canoes
the Native Americans taught French settlers how to make this valuable mode of transportation

land for trading posts
The French explored the Mississippi River to find this

explored the Mississippi to find the Northwest Passage

New Orleans
successful trading center because it was located by the mouth of a river

trading post
Place in Colonial North America where settlers and Native Americans met to trade goods

A stream or river that flows into a larger river

King Philip’s War
War in 1670’s between Native Americans and English settlers living in New England

In the 13 colonies the rugged stretch of land near the Appalachian Mountain

French and Indian war
War fought by the British against the French and their Native American allies in North America which was won by the British in 1763

Pontiac’s rebllion
Native American rebellion led by Ottowa leader ,Pontiac ,in 1763

Proclamation of 1763
law issued by King George the III stating that colonists were no longer aloud to settle on land west of the Appalachian Mountain

Native Americans
resisted the English when they settlers moved west

waged war against the settlers to force the English out of New England

French and English Fighting over the Ohio River Valley
The beginning of the French and Indian war

Reason British won French and Indian War
More soldiers joined the

New France
Britain took over most of this land after winning French and Indian War

British Empire
Native American lands became part of this empire

wanted to establish a colony in Florida before the French and English took over

Goals of Pedro Menendez De Aviles
Take control of Florida for Spain, Find the French, Defeat the French

**How did Pontiac’s Rebellion affect colonists?**
The British Leaders were forced to write the Proclamation of 1763, which was not popular among the colonists because it prohibited them to settle in lands west of the Appalachian Mountains

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