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This could have not been possible without keen intellectual ability and strong determination. He would personally interact with me after the lecture sessions to have a better understanding. I noticed his genuine sincerity and eagerness in clarifying his doubts. I wish to also make a point of his good memory and retention skills. He is lucid in communicating his ideas, aided by a flair for languages. He participated in a technical discussion in class. I can recall his eloquence and the cogency of his presentation, especially while advancing arguments. Observed his positive attitude during my review sessions.

Apart from his crystal clear communication, what was brought to light was his strong grasp of fundamentals. He was an active member of the Higher Education Department of the college for which I’m the coordinator. This lofty goal of going overseas and seeking quality education from a world-class institution was ingrained in him from the initial years of under graduation itself. Strongly recommend him for admission to your program, with full financial assistance. In my judgment he will be an appropriate addition to your student body, will make full use of the opportunities provided to him and contribute immensely.

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