Scientists and such Flashcard

Who utilized the oil drop experiment?
Robert Millikan
Who came up with the cathode ray tube?
J.J Thompson
Who determined that there are positive and negative charges?
Ben Franklin
What are the principles of chemical behavior?
*Law of conservation of matter
*Law of constant composition
Excess negative charge is discharged a ________.
Static electricity.
Which scientist determined that elements are composed of atoms?
Who determined that opposites attract and likes repel?
Ben Franklin
a given __________ always hasthe same relative ______ and kind of ________.
Who said that atoms contain particles that contain an electrical charge?
Michael Farrady
Wht is a cathode ray?
A stream of particles.
This scientist came up with the charge to mass ratio of an electron.
J.J Thompson
A ________ always contains the same ______________ in the same ___________ by mass.
Robert millikan determined…..
The mass of an electron,
J.J Thompsons cahtode ray proved that ________________
a magnet can deflect a ray.
Who determined the mass of an electron?
Robert Millikan
Who used the plum pudding model?
J.J Thompson
Which element displays radioactivity?
Who named the nucleus?
which rays are high speed electrons?
what is radiation?
The spontaneous emission of radiation from an ATOM.
What kind of charge do cathode ray prticles have?
What is the atomic theory of matter?
That elements are made up of atoms.
What is the atomic theory of matter?
That elements are made up of atoms.
Dalton stated that ____________________.
All atoms of an ELEMENT are identical, but different from atoms i nother elements.
All elements are compared to which isotope?
The carbon 12 isotope
Which scientist stated that every element has aunique atomic number?
Henry Mosely
What happens to the chemical properties of an element as it gives off radiation, and who discovered this?
*Henri Becquerel
*It changes
Who utilized the gold foil/alpha scattering experiment?
Ernest Rutherford
Which ray is not made up od particles?
Gamma Rays
What is the charge of an alpha particle?
Who determined how to find the number of neutrons in an atom?
Henry Mosely
What did Ernest rutherfords Gold Foil experiment prove?
That the atoms positive charge and most of its mass was located in the nucleus.
J.J Thompsons plum pudding model was reputed by __________ experiment with ___________ _______.
*Gold Foil
Who said that the chemical property of an element changes as it gives off radiation?
Henri Becquerel

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