Scientific Method Vocabulary

Question Answer
What is the PROBLEM in an experiment? What are you trying to solve?The QUESTION you are trying to answer.
What is the HYPOTHESIS in an experiment? What you think will happen.Your predictionAn educated guess
What are the MATERIALS in an experiment? What you need to do the experiment.Your supplies.
What is the PROCEDURE in an experiment? The STEPS you will take to conduct the experiment.What you do first, second…
What is the CONTROLLED VARIABLE in an experiment? The things in the experiment that were kept the SAME.
What is the MANIPULATED VARIABLE in an experiment? The variable that you CHANGE.
What is the DEPENDENT VARIABLE in an experiment? The change that happens or is observed from the variable.What is being MEASURED?
What is the OBSERVATION in an experiment? The information you collect and record throughout the experiment.Your DATA.
What is the CONCLUSION in an experiment? The answer to your problem.Your RESULTS.
What is the FUTURE RESEARCH in an experiment? If you were to do your experiment again, what would you change?Do you have any new questions?

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