Science Ch.2 Vocabulary Words Flashcard


is the tiny, central core of an atom which contains the protons and neutrons

(red thing)[image]

have no charge
move rapidlyin all directions around the atoms, have a negative charge (-)

valance electrons

the electrons that are the farthest away from the nucleus
electron dot diagram

one way to show the number of valance electrons that an atom has


atomic #

the number of protons in the nucleus of an atom




elements in the same columns (up & down)
a row across the periodic table of elememts
halogen family

very reactive

an atom or group of atoms that has become electrically charged
ionic bond
the attraction between two oppositly charged ions

polyatomic ions

ions that are made of more than one atom

poly meaning more than one & atomic meaning… atom

the form an orderly, 3-D arrangment of ions
covalent bond
a chemical bond formed when two share electrons

double bond

when two pairs of electrons are shared between the atoms
molecular compounds
consist of molecules having covalently bonded atoms
a covalent bond in which electrons are shared unequally
the valence electrons are shared equally

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