Science: Assisnment – 3. Binomial Nomenclature

Select all that apply.

Problems in using common names to universally identify living things include:

Names mean different things to different people.
Foreign names may not be understood.
Many names may exist for the same organism.
There may be no common name for an organism.

The biosphere is populated by over four hundred million different kinds of creatures.

The correct form for writing binomial nomenclature is:
Genus species

The language of taxonomy is usually:

An “Order” may be subdivided into (consist of) several:

A kingdom may be subdivided into only one Phylum.

The rankings of Class, Order, and Family are referred to as:

Why does binomial nomenclature use Latin?
It was a language of study for all educated people.

The currently-used binomial nomenclature was developed by Linnaeus.

A precise scientific description of life is not easy to find.

Plants are living organisms.

Interpretations based upon emotions or opinion are considered:

1. the two-name system of naming living things used in classification

2. all life on earth

3. a taxonomic category containing a group of similar orders

4. in plant classification, a grouping of similar classes

5. an elaborate set of rules for naming organisms

6. the largest taxonomic category

7. a taxonomic category containing a group of similar families

8. in classification (other than plant), a grouping of similar classes

9. the categories used in classifying plants and animals

8. Phlum
5.International code of Nomenclature
9. Taxon
6. Kingdom
1.Binomail Nomenclature

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