SCI TEST – Chemistry Flashcard

whats the classical deffinition of science?
the state of knowing
whats the modern deffinition of science?
making an observation and asking a question, performing an experiment, then finding an explanation for what you discovered
how is science reliable knowledge?
it is constantly tested and retested
why is science not infallible?
because at no point do scientists assume that they have arrived at a final, definite truth
by involving both description and explanation, what does science tell us?
it tells us what happened and why it happened and this also can help us predict what else might occur in the future
whats the scientific method?
an organized plan for gathering, organizing, and communicating information
what are the four steps to the scientific method?
making and observation and asking a question, making a hypothesis, performing the experiment, and drawing a conclusion
what do we use in order to make observations?
our senses
what is volume?
the amount of speace something takes up
what do observations lead to?
a question
what is hypothesis?
an educated guess or explanation for an observation
what three sections does the experiment include?
materials, procedure, variables
whats a conclusion based on?
observations, data, test results, and calculations
whats a theory?
a hypothesis that has been supported in repeated experiments
is a theory ever proven? why/why not?
no, they can be changed due to new observations or results
what is a scientific law?
a state that summarizes the results of repeated observations or experiments
whats a manipulated variable (MV) ?
what the scientist changes during an expiriment (addition of extra substances)
whats the control variable?
the item lacking a manipulated variable (the plain item without the extra substances.. for example: the plain vanilla ice cream without any toppings)
whats the dependent variable?
the observation during the experiment
what is a constant?
the variables that never change throughout the experiment
what are the units for density (think what the units are for mass and volume)?
density= grams/mililiters
what is the formula for density?
density= mass/volume
how do you find the temperature in Kelvin if it is measured in Celisius?
= Kelvin
prefix: kilo
suffix: gram, meter
what are the main suffixes in the metric system?
gram, meter, liter
prefix: centi
suffix: gram, meter
prefix: milli
suffix: gram, meter, liter
BIG measurements -> SMALL measurements
move decimal point to the right
SMALL measurements -> BIG measurements
move decimal point to the left

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