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Is there sufficient demand for this business? With a restaurant it is hard to say. It all depends on where you start you restaurant. If that town does not have many people working, and a low unemployment rate, that there will not be demand for the restaurant, but If that town is booming, well that will be a greater demand for your business, and you will more than luckily be a success. 3. Who is your target market and how large is the target market? Everyone from teenagers, to elderly community. I believe the target market Is fairly large, just because of the type of restaurant and the prices being low.

Low income to a higher paid business man/woman. . Are there competitors in this business? If so, who and how many? There are many competitors In this kind of business, and It’s hard to say who or how many, but just a few is Apples, and Outback SteakHouse are just a couple restaurants that come to mind, but there are no restaurants that have better prices or better food than mine. 5. Are there any questionable practices in the way the product has been sold? Produced? Advertised? Advertised Is

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the only thing I’m not sure about. Perhaps locally hand out flyers, and get the word out.

Promotions as in food or drink deals, live music, and stargazing either in the dining room that has a glass roof, or out on a patio. Lunch specials and dinner specials. Free dessert for couples celebrating anniversaries, or couples celebrating a wedding proposal. How the product is sold Is easy, the customer’s order and you sever. Produced will mostly be done in the restaurant. Things will be made fresh, and little will be brought that is pre made. Soups and desserts made daily, as well as fresh flowers on each table. 6. Have there been any recent accusations regarding safety within the Industry?

After researching on Google, I have found no recent safety accusations in the restaurant industry. In fact the restaurant industry is booming. In fact this year restaurants are looking to increase nominal terms by 3. 6% and studies show that more that in the year 2010, so I believe it is very safe. 7. Are there environmental concerns? There is always environmental concerns, because if you have a problem with gas pipes, or OLL spills It can hurt your company. The smoke from cooking on the stove, or In the oven, and how the oil from your fryers Is going to be disposed of.

But there are ways to prevent these known problems. A vent for the smoke to go out of above the 1 OFF good idea, Just to make sure there is not a problem with the pipes. Now for the oil, there is steps that need to be taken each time the oil is changed. First you will need a container to catch the oil in, next you need to know where the fryers drain hole is, and place the container under that hole. Next begin to drain the oil and once that is done, you should donate it so that company can recycle it. Mostly with recycled oils they make bodiless.

This is a much better way than clogging the sinks by pouring dirty oil down the drain, or Just throwing it into the garbage the oil can harm the garbage trucks, or the container you use could get a leak and oil will be all over the place. So do yourself a favor and recycle! 8. How can your company be socially responsible? My company can be socially responsible, by using only green cleaning products only. Go paperless, as much as possible, such direct deposit paychecks, recipes on a tablet for the chefs, customers food orders will be done on a computer, as well as produces order for the chefs to use in the meals.

Menus will be printed on recycled paper, as well as their receipts, as well as have employees clock in and out on the computer, and not on paper. Not throwing oil in the trash, but recycling, as well as cans, bottles, and any other recyclable material 9. Can you sell your product internationally and if so, what countries would respond most favorably? No, I have no plans of selling my foods to other countries, although it is possible by freezing and packaging the food correctly, and any country would respond well I believe, Just because of the simple fact that everyone loves comfort food. 10.

What problems might you encounter, and what barriers would you have to deal with? Food safety and food quality is two of the biggest problems in a restaurant, but there is simple fixes to each of those problems. First lets talk safety, if you teach your hefts, and wait staff the importance of food safety, and make sure they follow all the measurement, as well as make sure they have food handlers card, then that problem is solved, but if food safety seems to be a problem with your staff, then its your Job as the owner to see to those problems and take time to fix them, even if that means firing your head chef.

Now the quality is all up to the chefs, and you. If you buy poor quality foods, you can’t expect your chefs to work a miracle to make the food taste good. If you only buy quality foods for your chefs to prep, then that problem is solved very easily.

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