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Appropriate ResearchWhat is a chemical reaction
A reaction can be classified as a chemical reaction if the molecular/ionic structure of a substance is rearranged or changed. In the experiment that I am conducting (Vinegar and bicarbonate soda) the acetic acid in the vinegar reacts with the sodium bicarbonate in the bicarbonate soda, the molecules in the substances change and react with each other to form sodium acetate, carbon dioxide and water.

Types Of Chemical ReactionsA Chemical reaction can be classified as one of 6 types:
* Combustion – when oxygen reacts with another compound to form water and carbon dioxide. These reactions produce heat (are exothermic)
* Synthesis – when two or more simple compounds combine to form a more complicated one.
* Decomposition – when a complex molecule breaks down to form smaller and simpler molecules
* Single displacement – when one element trades places with another element in a compound.
* Double displacement – when two compounds react by an exchange of ions and two new compounds are formed.
* Acid-base – type of double displacement reaction when the H+ ion in the acid, reacts with the OH – ion in the base.

The products are usually an ionic salt and water.The chemical reaction that I am investigating is an acid base reaction, the acetic acid is the acid and the bicarbonate soda is the base. When the two react the ionic salt left over is sodium acetate.What affects the rate of a chemical reaction
There is a near-infinite list to what affects the rate of a chemical reaction, but the major factors that influence the rate of a chemical reaction include: Temperature, pressure, solvent concentration, size, catalysts involved and light.

The type of chemical reaction is also important in determining what affects the rate of a certain chemical reaction as different types of reactions are affected by different factors.Bibliography I gathered all of my research for the…

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