Save Trees Essay

A Earth. What colourss do we see–blue and green? These yearss we pollute mother earth really severely and easy on the Earth. there will non be any green left! I know we would non like that. You know. people do non value what they have until they have lost it. Well. in this instance it is trees. Trees are of import. valuable and necessary for the being of any living animal on Earth. They are indispensable to life as we know it. They even help maintaining the nutrient concatenation or nutrient web in balance and they are the most of import things on Earth because all animate beings and worlds are dependent on it. “The nature of our hereafter depends on the hereafter of our nature” . Oxygen production. cleaning the dirt. commanding noise pollution. taking in C dioxide but give out O. cleaning the air. supplying shadiness and imperturbability. act as our natural air conditioner can be considered as the first few grounds why trees are invaluable. Trees besides help-save energy. better air quality. and solves wellness jobs. They besides have fiscal benefits – a assortment of surveies show that trees increase residential belongings values. Peoples pay more for places with attractive and fully- grown trees or that are in vicinities with trees. Research has shown that the presence of trees in vicinities affect both physical and mental wellness of people populating in town POSITIVELY. Hospital patients who have a position of workss and trees have recovered faster than those who have non.

Trees or workss would besides do your house expression beautiful and would increase the figure of regards sing the beautiful garden of yours! ?? Trees besides help us by barricading the noise on the streets created by the traffic. Trees besides give us nutrient. which is the most of import demand in our life by this sentence I mean that indirectly trees or workss help us Populate! We can non populate without nutrient. Trees or workss give us fruits or veggies. They increase the natural beauty of our place – “Earth” . Trees give us rubber. paper. O. wood. herbs. shadiness. cool zephyr. gum. fruits. vegetable. grains. and shelter ( non merely to us by giving wood but besides to animate beings like – birds. serpents. etc. in its tree-holes ) . “The more lightly we take the topic of deforestation. the more heavy it costs” . On reading this essay. I am certainly you have understood the importance of trees – so please STOP CUTTING TREES. ON THE CONTRARY. PLEASE START PLANTING MORE TREES. Save trees to alter the hereafter. “God has cared for these trees. saved them from drouth. disease. avalanches. and a 1000 storms and inundations. But he can non salvage them from fools” – John Muir

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