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People generally put more trust In what they have learned from themselves than In what they have learned from themselves than in what they learn from others. Few people however are really motivated to learn anything on their own. They are much more apt to learn when others are willing to teach them. Even though learning from others means occasionally learning things that are not useful or important, people are still better off when they learn from others. Question: Is it better for people to learn from others than to learn on their own?

Is it better for people to learn from others than to learn on their own? No I don’t think so.. Because think about it this way. Your parents are always telling not to do a certain thing for something bad may happen. Your friends, asking for advice for their problems but don’t take It, and shebang. The choices she made because people kept telling her what to do. All through my life, my parents are always telling me what to do and not to do. For example, they are telling me to do my homework cause it’s the only way that I will get anywhere in life.

My 7th and 8th grade year I didn’t focus much on my school, I Hough it wasn’t all that important and I would only have to take it seriously till I got high school. But all that changed when avid students from Rogers came and explained I need to do my homework and go to college and why I need an education. I have multiple friends who come to me and ask for advice on what to do for relationships, family stuff, or other friend type advice. Kelly who is my best friend asked me for advice about this guy she liked and I gave my advice in what she do and what did she do? She did the exact opposite.

Kelly later ended up coming to me and eying she was so dumb for not taking my advice. I told her since she didn’t want listen, she had to learn the hard the way and she said she was sorry and learned her lesson. Now shebang, daughter of the wind. She never wanted to get married and heard of what would happen if she decided to run away from her husband or family. Shebang parents also warned to obey and not do what she wanted for she could have severe consequences. Shebang heard everything that would happen especially from the in girl in the dessert who ran away from her husband and got killed.

Shebang still ended up running away from her house and her fate, she left and ended up getting caught and beaten. Shebang could have ended up dead for disobeying and doing what she wanted, especially for not listening. As you can see It wouldn’t be better for people to learn on their own, but people would only learn If they do It on their own. Since nobody really cares or listens to what other people have to say, until they have gone through that pain or problem on their own.

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