Sand-Making Machine Technology: An Available Upgrade

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Sand making machine technology upgrade to Improve the service life Sand making machine equipment Is used to produce the core equipment of artificial sand, Is the main equipment of sand factory. Because of the long time working In the sand making machine, the wear of the parts of the vs. sand making machine Is Increased, and the service life of the equipment is affected.

How to improve the service life of the sand making machine becomes an important problem for the large sand production machinery manufacturers, who produced the long life of the machine equipment, wearing a long time, who has the market competitiveness will win more customers favor. From this, it seems that improving the service life of the sand making machine is the most important.

Our technical staff from the practice sum up experience, inviting customers on the sand making machine equipment, the use of feedback, actively absorb foreign advanced technology, continuous Innovation, development of more efficient wear-resistant sand effect good use longer sand making machine equipment. We know that sand making machine Is an Important part In the production line of sand and gravel, because of its important position in the whole Achaeans sand production, so the stability and durability of the component is very important.

The industry think, VS. sand making machine, impact type system sand machine for material injection play a decisive role in the Impeller device is one of the most important components, its working stability determines and the related conveyors, feeders, broken, the work efficiency of the machine. This shows that the improvement of the system of sand machine equipment important parts can improve the performance and service life of the whole equipment. Production of the new type of sand making machine, VS. sand machine equipment

Innovation design, wearing a low, reasonable design of the cavity, reduce the direct contact with the material and the wearing parts, the greater the reduction of wear parts. In the design of sand machine equipment. In addition, the use of high performance sand making machine impeller is also essential. In order to increase the service life of the sand making machine, we have developed successful use of high manganese steel structure, improvement of swirl rotating way, emission speed adaptive adjustment of the impeller device. Its process efficiency can reach.

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